best geo for a/b tests

The best geo to run A/B tests in


Selecting the ideal geographic location for your A/B tests can significantly influence the success of your app’s visibility and revenue generation. Based on our experience, from the thousands of tests we’ve run, let’s jump into the question “what is the best geo to run A/B tests in?”

The US Market

From what we have seen, the US, renowned for its tech-savvy population and robust mobile ecosystem, stands out as a prime contender for conducting A/B tests. One of the most compelling reasons for targeting the US market is its liking for premium apps and in-app purchases. Not a surprise that the US is the largest market in terms of revenue (source AppMagic). Users in this region have shown a willingness to invest in their digital experiences, resulting in potentially better results in your A/B test campaigns. The US market is also the most used geo in campaigns run on Geeklab.

Diverse user base

The diversity of the US user base is an invaluable asset for A/B testing. With a broad spectrum of interests, preferences, and behaviors, the US market serves as a microcosm of global app users. Engaging with this diverse range of users provides the opportunity to comprehend how different segments respond to various assets. Harnessing this to refine your app’s presentation can ultimately enhance its appeal to a wider audience.

Language and communication

English is the primary language spoken in the US, presenting a distinct advantage for app developers and marketers. Crafting compelling visuals, descriptions, and preview videos becomes more straightforward as there is no need for extensive localization efforts. This linguistic alignment allows you to effectively communicate your app’s unique value proposition to users. It can increase the likelihood of capturing their attention and driving downloads.

Consideration of individual factors

While the US market offers an array of benefits for A/B testing, it’s important to recognize that the “best” geo can vary based on a multitude of factors. Therefore it is impossible to say that one geo works in every case. To determine the optimal testing ground for your ASO campaign, it is advisable to lay the groundwork. Start with market research, competitor analysis, and user segmentation. By understanding your app’s target audience, niche, competition, and overall marketing strategy, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your specific goals.

Iterative approach

Observing results helps gauge the effectiveness of your chosen geo. If your initial testing strategy yields inconclusive outcomes, don’t stop there. Instead, embrace an iterative approach by analyzing the data, extracting insights, and making necessary adjustments. Flexibility and adaptability are key in the ever-evolving landscape of app optimization.


The US market emerges as a compelling choice due to its sizable user base, willingness to spend on premium apps, diverse user profiles, and the advantage of a shared language. Nevertheless, the “best geo” ultimately depends on your app’s unique characteristics and objectives. By conducting thorough research, analyzing outcomes, and refining your approach, you can unlock the full potential of A/B testing and elevate your app’s success in the competitive app landscape.

Our ASO experts are also happy to discuss your company’s individual needs!


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