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Author: Senni-Kaisa Nurmi

best geo for a/b tests
App Store Optimization

The best geo to run A/B tests in

Introduction Selecting the ideal geographic location for your A/B tests can significantly influence the success of your app’s visibility and revenue generation. Based on our

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leveraging ai in aso
App Store Optimization

Leveraging AI in ASO

In this age of technology, leveraging AI in ASO can boost your app marketing strategy, helping you stay ahead of the competition, and drive significant

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Google I/O 2023: Google Play updates

Google Play updates ahead! Google I/O was held yesterday and here are the key takeaways and opportunities for app publishers. More customization options In addition

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Platform Tutorials

Product update: Multi-funnel feature

Multi-funnel, Geeklab’s newest feature is out! What is the multi-funnel feature, you may ask. Let us explain what is is and how it works. Multi-funnel

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