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Reimagine your mobile marketing for growth

Our ASO experts will guide you through every step of the process.

We’ve seen thousands of campaigns and millions of impressions. With our help you can be sure your app will reach the next level!


Our services have been developed to serve a wide range of mobile marketing needs.

Market Research

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your and your competitors’ market positions. We use advanced methods, have extensive experience, and provide fast delivery.

Visual Design

We can assist you with the design and production of effective product page visuals. We have a large network of studios that are ready to produce visuals that fit your art style.

Campaign Setup

We’ve seen thousands of campaigns and millions of impressions. We know what works and what doesn’t. Let us help you set up your next campaign and avoid the common pitfalls.

Web3 Campaigns

Our unique position has given us the opportunity to work with web3 game developers from a very early stage. We’ve gained the experience to help you kickoff and manage your next web3 campaign.

Campaign Management

Ensure your next successful campaign by handing the steering wheel to a Geeklab expert. We’ll take care of everything.


Our platform accumulates mobile marketing data like no other. We can provide you with valuable insight into your performance and show ways to improve.

The way we work

We've iteratively developed an easy, structured process for success.

1. Kickoff

We learn about the product, as well as all preceding material, in terms of target audience, product vision, and product stage. If possible, we use or play with the product to better understand what motivations and KSPs it may have.

Most importantly, we go through the goals.

Done as a web-based meeting.

2. Research

We do our research depending on the kick-off.

Its material will change depending on the campaign's goal.

The study concentrates on major selling elements, the market, art, and subject, as well as motives.

The end result is a readily shareable e-book that does not disclose secrets of the campaign.

3. Hypotheses

We generate hypotheses for 2-4 variants based on the research and goal.

We have another meeting after we've completed both research and hypotheses to go over everything we've done thus far.

4. Visuals

Visual Briefs
For each of the visuals required on the test, we may create visual briefs.
The briefs detail exactly what to do to ensure that the hypotheses are sold correctly.

Visual Production
Our professionals can also create visuals from the ground up.

Our technical capabilities range from simple 2D to complex 3D.

Most importantly, we go through the goals.

Done as a web-based meeting.

5. Campaign launch

Our marketing experts can set up campaigns on Geeklab as well as any advertising channel of your choice.

Most importantly, we go through the goals.

Done as a web-based meeting.

6. Results

The tests are supported not only by performance data, but also by a variety of other metrics such as behavior, engagement, and demographics.

Most importantly, we go through the goals.

Done as a web-based meeting.

What our clients say

Don’t take our word for it, read what our clients have to say about us.

"Geeklab has played a critical role in our mobile game's development and soft launch process, allowing us to identify the right audience and value propositions from day one. Their expert team has helped us get insights beyond just clicks and conversions, helping us understand everything from our user demographics and interests to their app store exploration and decision behaviors. They are also some of the nicest, most knowledgeable people in the industry!"

Amanda Lulewicz

Head of Marketing – Muus Collective

"Geeklab has been crucial for our pre-launch market testing strategy, helping us gain insight and make decisions at a very rapid pace. From concept testing, to art style choice, and ultimately app store optimization, Geeklab's data has been invaluable in making the right game, for the right audience."

Nuno Teixeira

Product Marketing Manager – Multiverse

“Geeklab greatly assisted us in not only improving our creatives and UA strategy, but their methodologies are now considered standard practice by our own team. Phenomenal service (they’re nearly always instantly reachable, even across different timezones) & expertise.”

David Pan

Publishing Manager – AAAGame

Geeklab is a super team that guided us through early marketing validation and did most of the work for us. Very useful and affordable service for teams busy with game development!

Alexey Sazonov

Co-founder – Order of Meta

"Geeklab has been and still is one of our key tool for both the evaluation of new concepts and app store optimization. Thanks to the accuracy and depth of data that we're getting from Geeklab, we're able to optimize for our target audiences in a rigorous and agile manner, whether our games are already in the market or not."

Kieran O'Leary

COO – Rovio

"Geeklab is by far the most accurate and cost-effective mobile marketing service available for validating the performance of your product. Extremely expert team!"

Michail Katkoff

Founder – Savage Games