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Finding an ideal ASO partner

Sometimes app store optimization is on the top priority list but time or other resources are limited. Sometimes the occasional extra hand is needed or maybe you are just starting out and want to turn to professional help. We got you. That’s when you might need an ASO partner and here’s what you need to know about finding your ideal ASO partner.

What does an ASO partner do?

The responsibilities vary from agency to agency and from project to project. It is also very much dependent on the strengths of the partnering agency. Each agency has a different service offering ranging from having a platform or a tool to help ASO managers and some have it all, consultancy, and the whole 9 yards. It is important to know what your needs are and what kind of resources are you lacking.

What is the price of having an ASO partner?

Depends on so many things.

  • Agency prices (obviously)
  • Your needs
  • Expectations
  • If the agency provides an all-in-one solution or not

Many factors play a part in the pricing but the most important thing is to know what you are buying and that it meets your expectations. The best way is to start things off with a demo and asking questions. Working with a professional ASO partner doesn’t have to break the bank.

Platform vs. consultancy

The best-case scenario is that you have in-house ASO managers taking care of optimization. Great, things are running and staying optimized. On the other hand you might be an independent developer doing it yourself. Having a platform that works, is pleasant to use, and most importantly gives relevant data, is important. ASO agencies that offer both a platform and consultancy in this case will most likely be more useful. With in-house ASO managers, the need to get extra help from the outside is often minimal, but is there when it is needed.

In some cases, the agency consultancy is the way to go! Without in-house resources, the agency’s ASO professionals will be there to do the research, plan and execute the campaign, analyse results and be of help along the project. This is a great option when in-house resources are minimal or assigned elsewhere. At Geeklab, this is where our Crew Members come to the rescue. Read more about it here.

Get you a partner that can do both

To get the best of both worlds, go with an agency that offers the tool and the extra hands when needed. This is the most flexible option if and when situations change. With Geeklab it is super easy to start off with our platform independently and you can just as easily upgrade the plan for even just one project to get our Crew Members onboard. Besides, although we love to commit, you have the option not to. That’s what makes Geeklab an ideal ASO partner.

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