Deep dive into the multi-funnel feature

A while back ago we introduced Geeklab’s product update with the multi-funnel feature and here’s a run-down of how you can be using it most beneficially. Its purpose is to effectively track traffic flow from advertisements to variants. This feature is geared to optimize data collection and performance analysis of ad campaigns to facilitate informed decision-making.

How to use the multi-funnel feature

  • Open the copy tracking link window.
  • Assign names to your ad campaign and ad.
  • After you’ve named your campaign and ad, tracking links are automatically generated. There are two different types of tracking links:
    • A link for randomized traffic to the variants
    • A specific tracking link for a particular variant

The aim of the multi-funnel feature is to evaluate which ads perform best in driving traffic and conversions. When working with multiple ads, keep in mind that each time you change the name in the URL tracking builder, a new tracking link is generated.

Use cases

Let’s go through some use cases where the multi-funnel tool comes in handy 👇

Multiple ads to multiple variants

[Randomly directed traffic] When there are multiple ads leading to several variants, you should generate as many random links as the number of ads you’re utilizing. By doing so, each ad will have its own tracking link, thereby allowing you to monitor the performance and effectiveness of each advertisement in directing traffic to the multiple variants.

Multiple ads to one variant

[Randomly directed traffic] When you have multiple ads leading to a single variant, generate a randomizing link for each ad you’re deploying. This means that every ad will have a unique tracking link, although they’re all guiding traffic to the same variant. This method allows you to accurately measure the efficiency of each ad individually.

One ad to multiple variants

[Randomly directed traffic] When there is a single ad leading to multiple variants, it’s better to create one random tracking link. Name the tracking link according to the variant to keep track. By doing this, it is easier to monitor the ad’s overall performance across all variants it’s linked to.

Matching ads to variants

For direct traffic situations, when each ad has its own designated variant, generate as many variant tracking links as the number of ads you have. Name each link according to its corresponding ad. This method ensures you can accurately track and assess the effectiveness of each unique ad-variant pair.


The multi-funnel feature is a powerful tool in your arsenal for measuring the performance of your ad campaigns and variants. Use it to your benefit to generate valuable insights and data to optimize your ad strategy.


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