Product update: Multi-funnel feature

Multi-funnel, Geeklab’s newest feature is out! What is the multi-funnel feature, you may ask. Let us explain what is is and how it works.

Multi-funnel feature

Geeklab’s newest feature multi-funnel introduces a new section at the bottom of the campaign details view. Multi-funnel lets users tag their tracking links (both campaign and variation tracking links) with two additional parameters, campaign and ad. Consequently, the impressions that are tagged with these parameters can be easily viewed at the bottom of the campaign details page. This allows users to quickly identify the performance of specific campaigns and ads, and to make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing strategies.

By clicking the campaign name, the ad creative data on the second tab will only show the data for users who came to the selected campaign tag(s).

Tracking link generator

To ease up the process of generating the tags to the links, the previous (copy the campaign tracking link and copy the variation tracking link) has been replaced with a new modal. The new modal allows to create the tracking links by adding the parameters from the top of the page.

How to use it

Firstly, click on “product pages” to find all your campaigns. Once there, choose the campaign in question and click on the tracking link symbol on the far right. This opens up the tracking link generator so you are able to add the parameters and copy the tracking links.

As usual, we are happy to help with any questions! Just send us a message at or contact us here 👋


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