Test and learn!

Transform your app’s potential with our all-in-one solution! Whether you’re validating app ideas before launch or optimizing the performance of live apps, we’re here to guarantee your app’s success.

Unlock insights and streamline creativity with our robust testing capabilities. Experiment with 60+ elements simultaneously, from icons and screenshots to titles and reviews. Maximize conversions, user engagement, and app performance. With our comprehensive toolkit, your app is primed for unprecedented success in the competitive app market.

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Extensive analytics 🚀

Unlock a new level of app store success with our comprehensive feature that provides in-depth analysis of your app store conversion rate.

Dive into the intricate world of behavioral metrics, screenshot effectiveness, and more. Understand user interactions, identify conversion bottlenecks, and fine-tune your app’s presentation with precision.

With our tool, you gain unparalleled insights, enabling data-backed decisions that boost your conversion rate, attract more downloads, and outperform the competition. 

Let AI generate your variants! 🚀

Experience the future of app icon design with our cutting-edge AI feature that automatically generates stunning icons for your app.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual design, and hello to effortless creativity.

Our AI analyzes your app’s essence and brand identity, transforming it into eye-catching icons that capture attention and enhance your app’s visual appeal. 

Over 60+ elements to test! 🚀

Supercharge your app optimization with our cutting-edge testing capabilities that allow you to experiment with over 60+ elements simultaneously.

From app icons and screenshots to titles and reviews, you can fine-tune every aspect of your app’s performance. Gain valuable insights, improve user engagement, and maximize conversions with the flexibility to test comprehensively.

With our powerful testing platform, the possibilities are endless, ensuring your app reaches its full potential in the competitive app market.

How it works

User is scrolling through their favorite platform

Geeklab supports all major networks, that allow you to deliver advertisements to a URL.

User sees an advertisement on the platform

The advertisement is displayed like any other advertisement on the selected platform.

Geeklab delivers an app store -like experience to the user, within the app

The web environment allows us to track and analyze the performance and behavior in a privacy friendly way.

The user navigates to the official app store page

After the user hits the download button, they are redirected immediately to the official store page.

The user gets to play the game.

  • Over 60 testable elements in multivariate tests

  • There are no sumbissions or reviews, only immediate testing

  • Behavioral metrics and analytics to guide your decisions

  • Run as many simultaneous tests as you want in any number of geos

  • Test entire ad funnels against each other

  • Test entire concepts, themes and art styles pre-launch

  • Get realistic marketing metrics before your app is launched

  • Get qualitative insights and build your community before launch