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ASO Breakdown: Successful Cross-Platform Games

Successful cross-platform games are a great example of expanding the player base. We have recently seen a surge in interest in A/B testing Steam product pages on Geeklab. Optimizing Steam pages can increase downloads with the same principal than optimizing app store pages. We currently have Steam product page A/B testing in beta mode ready for you to start testing.

There are several benefits to putting your game on the Steam marketplace. But with benefits also come some challenges as well. In this piece, let’s dive into some very successful games that you can find on App Store, Google Play and also Steam.


Developed and published by Re-Logic and with over 1 million overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, Terraria is a 2D sandbox adventure game. Players explore, mine resources, build structures, and fight monsters and bosses in a procedurally generated world. Think of Minecraft just 2D. With its pixel art style and diverse gameplay, it has become a beloved title known for its exploration, creativity, and challenging combat. It is a household name in the genre and is so easy to drop hundreds of hours in the game. (I have to admit that I myself have a couple hundred hours in this title)


The description on Steam is short and right to the point. It lets you know that you can fight, dig, explore, and build. Additionally, it tells the user that you can make this world your own, however you please.


“Dig, fight, explore, build!” The screenshots on Steam truly capture the heart of the game’s description. They show off the incredible things you can build, the intense battles you’ll face, and the excitement of delving deep into caves to uncover mysteries. Each screenshot gives you a taste of the gameplay, showcasing the endless possibilities for fun and adventure. Additionally, there are a couple of videos thrown in. The videos give you a sneak peek at the latest update, Journey’s End, and showing off some live gameplay action. It’s all about immersing yourself in a world full of excitement and endless possibilities.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is another huge successor that is both on PC, Steam, and Mobile. Released in 2016 by a single developer/publisher Concerned Ape and has almost 600k overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. Stardew Valley is like stepping into a cozy, rustic world where you inherit your grandfather’s neglected farm. It is not only a game about farming, though – it’s about rediscovering the simple joys of rural life. You’ll spend days tending to crops, raising animals, and fishing by the riverside. But it’s not all work. You’ll forge friendships with the quirky townsfolk, unraveling their stories and becoming part of their community.

Stardew Valley isn’t just a game – it’s a comforting escape, a reminder of simpler times, and a celebration of the beauty found in nature and community.


The description meritoriously sets the scene. You have inherited your grandfather’s farm in Stardew Valley, where you are given hand-me-down tools and some money. The description presents the question, can you learn to live off the circumstances thrown at you?


Stardew Valley’s screenshots depict a cozy world painted in nostalgic 16-bit pixel art. The landscapes are vibrant and colorful, showcasing lush fields, dense forests, and winding rivers. Characters are expressive and diverse, each with their own unique animations and personalities. Seasons bring their own charms with different events during the seasons for the player to jump into. The screenshot by the water is an event triggered by a certain season and a certain day. During it players can engage in fun activities as well as new vendors that only show up during these events to sell special in-game items.

Also featured is a 3-minute-long video showcasing the gameplay. Showing your character fishing, mining deep into caves, fighting monsters, and much much more.

Geometry Dash

Developed and published by RobTop Games and with over 300k very positive reviews on Steam, Geometry Dash is a rhythmic adventure where you guide shapes through levels filled with obstacles, all synchronized to energetic music. It’s fast-paced and demands precise timing as you jump, fly, and flip your way through challenges. The game’s vibrant community adds to the excitement, with players creating and sharing their own levels. It’s all about creativity, rhythm, and the thrill of overcoming obstacles to beat.


Short and to the point “Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!” So, not much to explain, just letting you know that you will be jumping and flying.


The visuals for Geometry Dash showcase colorful and dynamic geometric environments. Each level is filled with eye-catching shapes, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns. The backgrounds often pulsate and change in sync with the music, adding to the rhythmic experience.

Obstacles and hazards are prominently featured, including spikes, sawblades, and moving platforms, creating a sense of challenge and urgency. The player-controlled character, typically a square or other geometric shape, stands out against the backdrop with its bold design.

The screenshots capture the fast-paced action of the game, with the character navigating through a series of obstacles with precision and timing. Despite the simplicity of its visuals, the screenshots convey a sense of excitement and intensity that draws players into its rhythmic world.

Also included is a gameplay video that showcases 18 levels, customization of characters, no DLC, achievements and rewards, and the ability to build and share levels.

Final Thoughts

Terraria, Stardew Valley, and Geometry Dash are good examples of successful cross-platform games. These games have garnered hundreds of thousands of positive reviews, pushing into the millions, and established dedicated fan bases, showcasing the potential for mobile games to thrive in the PC gaming market. Cross-platform marketing can also benefit

By leveraging Steam’s vast user base and robust features, developers can expand their reach, tap into audiences, and unlock additional revenue streams. Furthermore, the careful crafting of compelling descriptions and visually captivating screenshots and videos on Steam can effectively communicate the unique features and gameplay experiences of mobile games, enticing players to explore and engage with these titles. As the interest in Steam testing grows and the platform becomes increasingly integral to gaming ecosystems, it’s evident that marketing mobile games on Steam can be a strategic move with significant benefits for developers seeking to maximize their game’s potential success.

Want to learn more about the benefits of A/B testing your Steam product page? Let’s chat!

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