cross-platform communication on app stores

ASO Breakdown: Cross-platform Communication on App Stores

This week, we will explore gaming experiences that seamlessly connect PC and mobile through cross-play functionality. Our goal is to understand how developers convey this feature, whether through screenshots, preview videos, or descriptions. Cross-platform communication on app stores varies, however, these games are categorized into four distinct communication styles:

  • Description only
  • Description and screenshot
  • Screenshot only
  • Screenshot and video

Here are a few examples representing each single category:

Description only – Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords does not mention the possibility of cross-platform access in any of its screenshots or preview videos. This feature is only mentioned at the end of its description in both stores. This pattern is consistent with the majority of the games in this analysis (8 out of 12). Below is the description they use in their stores:

CROSSPLAY: Play on your platform of choice and battle players across the globe in a hassle-free crossplay experience. Running late? Start a match on your PC and finish it on your mobile device (and vice versa). Your profile in Dota Underlords is shared across all devices, so no matter what you play on, you’re always making progress.

Description and screenshot – Old School RuneScape

Old School Runescape showcases this feature both in the middle of its description and as the fourth screenshot in both iOS and Google Play. According to our analysis, only 2 out of 12 games represent this style.

CROSS-PLATFORM GAMEPLAY. Adventure anywhere with an innovative cross-platform approach to mobile gaming, which is truly revolutionary among MMORPGs. Whether you play with mobile or desktop, you’ll be playing on the same account on the same game worlds.

Screenshot only – Minecraft

In Minecraft’s case, the cross-play screenshot places fourth, suggesting that cross-play gameplay is not a primary feature. Additionally, there is no mention of cross-play in the preview video. Minecraft stands alone in this category.

Screenshot and video – Magic: The Gathering Arena

This time, the cross-play feature appears to hold more significance, as Magic: The Gathering Arena prominently displays this feature in the second screenshot. Furthermore, the feature shows in the preview videos of both stores. This title stands as the sole representative in this category.

Cross-platform Communication on App Stores


Cross-platform Communication on App Stores

Frame of the preview video on Google Play

Cross-platform communication: conclusion

One prevailing trend emerges: while the vast majority acknowledged the potential of cross-play, its prominence varies. Surprisingly, out of 12 games, only a handful positioned cross-play as a standout feature. This might be an underestimated opportunity to reach more players. Overall, highlighting cross-platform playing opportunities in App Store assets can attract more players, foster community engagement, enhance the gaming experience, future-proof games, provide a competitive advantage, and build a positive reputation for developers. The future of gaming is cross-platform in order to engage as many players as possible, which is all the more reason to highlight such capabilities. published an interesting article regarding this in February, find it here.

Below is a brief recap of cross-platform communication on app stores:

Cross-platform Communication on App Stores

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