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App preview video best practices

In recent years the popularity of video content has increased drastically. For app marketing, this means that, in addition to video ads in ad networks, we can utilize app preview videos in the app stores. Now, if you as an app marketer don’t already have one on your store page, you definitely should. Here are some best practices for having a video that isn’t just there for the sake of it.

App preview video technical specifications

Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store have specifications on the technicalities. Size, dimensions, orientation, length, etc. It is important to structure the video within the restrictions to have the video approved. Google Play Store supports submitting a video URL from YouTube, whereas on the App Store the video is submitted as a file for a review process. Apple’s App Store also allows for three videos on the store page.

Content best practices

To maximize the potential of the video, it is beneficial to make the point across within the first few seconds of the video. This could be presenting the USP of the app, highlighting core features or core gameplay to get the viewer hooked.

The app preview video is also a good media to showcase more of the features and the UI. Content-wise you are not allowed to show interaction with the device unless the usage is off-device. It is also advised to follow the content policies each respective store has standardized.

The video should work both with the sound on and off. As sound is not auto-played, well-structured visualization is key. The visualization should be captivating and insightful (but not too informative like a lesson at school), avoiding too much promotional content. It is also good to include value propositions to increase the added value of the app.

A/B testing app preview videos

What better way to optimize your app preview video than to A/B test. Having different iterations of the video to test can bring insight to what kind of content works. Testing for example how only gameplay or app use will perform against a video that is curated with a more promotional approach or a looped GIF.

Also, for example on Geeklab the insight you get regarding user behaviour is important. The data shows the conversion rate per video and the engagement rate per video. The engagement rate will show how many conversion it got from those that watched the video to a specific second.

For app preview video testing we are happy to help with any questions!


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