Using a survey tool for concept validation

Coming up with a winning app or game concept is just the first step towards success. Ensuring that your idea resonates with your target audience is equally important. This is where concept validation plays a vital role. To maximize the potential of the concept validation a survey tool will come in handy. Let’s explore the benefits of using a survey tool for concept validation in app or game development.

Concept validation in brief

Before diving into the benefits of using a survey tool, let’s briefly define concept validation. Concept validation, aka marketability testing, involves gathering insights from your audience to evaluate the viability and appeal of the app or game concept. It helps identify potential pitfalls, understand user preferences, and make data-based decisions to enhance the chances of success.

Using a survey tool for concept validation

Targeted Feedback

By tailoring survey questions to specific demographics or user personas, you can obtain insights directly from your audience. This data is valuable in assessing whether your concept resonates with the right audience.

Validate assumptions

Surveys provide a platform to test assumptions about your app or game concept. You can ask users about their interest level, willingness to pay, or desire for specific features. Validating assumptions helps you avoid costly mistakes and ensures you are on the right track before investing significant time and resources.

Iterate and optimize

The responses provide valuable insights for refining and optimizing your app or game concept. Feedback regarding user preferences, feature requests, or pain points can guide your development process. This iterative approach ensures that your concept aligns with users’ expectations, increasing the likelihood of success when launching.

Identify market demand

Using a survey tool enables you to scope market demand for your app or game concept. By assessing the interest level and intent to download or purchase, you can estimate potential demand and adjust your marketing and development strategies based on that. Understanding market demand early on helps you make informed decisions and allocate resources effectively.

Reduce risk

Concept validation surveys help mitigate risks associated with developing and launching an app or game. By gathering feedback before investing significant time and resources, you can identify and address potential shortcomings, ensuring a higher chance of success. In a competitive and rapidly evolving market it is important to minimize risks.

Implementing survey findings into development

To maximize the benefits of concept validation surveys, the way to go is to implement the findings into your development process. The survey data helps identify recurring themes, prioritize features based on user feedback, and make informed decisions regarding design and monetization strategies.

Surveylab on Geeklab

When you are running a concept validation campaign on Geeklab, you have the possibility to have a survey at the end. This allows you to gather crucial data for your predefined targeted audience. It is a good tool that compliments the user behavior data from your product page. As our newest feature, you are now also able to choose from templates as well as curate an entirely own survey.


Concept validation is a critical step in app or game development, and using a survey tool can significantly enhance this process. By gathering targeted feedback, validating assumptions, refining your concept, identifying market demand, and reducing risks, you can optimize your chances of success. Leveraging a survey tool allows you to make data-driven decisions and align your app or game with user preferences, setting a solid foundation for a successful launch.

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