Customer Success Team

Meet the Geeks: Customer Success Team

Your turn to meet the geeks of the Customer Success Team.
The wizards who help you with any questions to elevate your success – aka Matteo, Maya, and Brandon!

What do Customer Success Managers do?

Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve their desired outcomes and maximize the value they get from Geeklab. We typically engage with customers to understand their needs, provide support, offer guidance and solutions, and most importantly, build strong relationships. We also monitor client satisfaction, gather feedback, and work to retain the customer base. A big part of this is also to stay on top of trends and gather knowledge in the ever-changing mobile marketing environment.

By examining how apps perform on the app stores, conducting market research, and collaborating closely with customers we are able to support best in any ASO efforts. Our responsibilities also include A/B testing, handling user reviews, providing reports, and conveying any feedback to be able to always improve.

What’s the best part about your job?

The answer is unanimous: helping customers succeed. It’s not only about the destination, it is also the journey. The journey where we get to help out in various ways, build meaningful connections throughout daily interactions, and learn from the best people in the industry at the same time.

We also support each other in our daily work and we have fun together as a team.

What’s your best ASO tip?

Matteo’s best tip is to “assess viability, when coming out with a new game, with the help of market research and benchmarks“. To increase your performance, Maya reminds you to “research the changes you make. Even though your gut feeling is important in many cases, with ASO it’s always a good idea to have some data behind your decisions“. Brandon’s expert tip concerning testing with Geeklab is to make sure you are tracking correctly: “Pixel, pixel, pixel, don’t forget your pixel! Also always double, and triple-check your ad settings to make sure everything is set properly before launching“.

Our CSM team is available to help you through email and chat 👉 If you want to get a CSM more involved with your next campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us for upgraded plans.


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