make your app stand out

Make your app stand out

When it comes to mobile apps, it really is a jungle out there. With millions of apps on the market, it is not easy to make one stand out. We as consumers spend most of our screen time using apps but usually just a handful of them. Of course, everyone wants to be the new TikTok or Instagram. It is not enough to build a great app, it also needs to be showcased and marketed. Here are some tips on what to do to make you app stand out.

App Store Optimization

First and foremost you need to have an app store optimization plan in action. It is kind of like having a storefront with a cool display where everyone stops to admire and then pops in. Do that with your app store product page and make sure the impressions convert to installs. Granted, also the app needs to match the awesome product page. Imagine seeing that amazing display and going in to the store only for it to look nothing like the display but a complete mess. Yeah, we don’t want that for the app either.

For app store optimization key is doing comprehensive research on the market and competing apps. Then, a/b testing for the best visuals, description, name, etc. Lastly, making sure that optimization is an iterative process where you always stay on top of trends and updates.

Know your audience

Who is the app for and where do you find them? The million-dollar question. Pinpointing the right channel(s) to target your audience is key. You won’t find Gen-Z on Facebook anymore, so marketing to them on said platform is most likely not the most effective way. Extensive research on your audience is important already in the planning phase. For example conducting A/B tests with surveys even before the app is out lets you in on the user behaviour and preferences early on.

User experience

Having an app that works without a hitch and has a user-friendly interface seems like an obvious thing. It might be so but it is equally as important to look at the entire user experience as a whole. Taking into consideration the user journey from the various touch points and making sure that the flow stays intact all the way through. For example, the user sees an appealing ad, the ad takes the user to a website instead of the product page where they could already download the app. What this does is that it adds an extra step (most likely an unnecessary one) instead of directly converting that impression into an install. A first impression can only be made once, so better make it a good one. Making updates to the app and keeping it current is also very important. This will help with user loyalty and especially using the feedback you get from your users and updating accordingly – great success!

App marketing

Create hype around the app. Whether it is done through content marketing, influencer marketing, a kick-ass social media strategy, you name it. Influencer marketing, for example, can be very effective if you know your audience and know which influencers are big in that space. If your budget doesn’t allow the influencers with the biggest following, look for micro influencers with a smaller following but a very engaged audience. Build that momentum before launch or with a live app, try to build the user base by spreading the word. Make sure that the app is easily shared on other platforms so happy users can share it. To build trust in the apps legitimacy, it is great to have online presence in the form of a website and social media. Users that become interested might also be interested in finding out more and therefore it is good to be visible in other channels too.

Research, research, research

Do your research on the space, category, or niche your app falls in. Take a look at what competitors do and how you can do it better. Being innovative is great, just make sure there is a need for it. Also, limiting app features is ultimately a good thing. Let’s face it, the app doesn’t need to do EVERYTHING for you, just the necessary for its purpose with features that do bring added value to the user experience. This is also possible by conducting surveys and gathering feedback from your users.

Trial and error

You could be doing all of this and more correctly but success doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore it is important to keep working towards those goals. Be brave with marketing and try out new approaches if something is not working as effectively as hoped. One great approach to finding out what appeals to your audience is a/b testing.


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