Introducing Geeklab Plus

We are honored to work with amazing professionals every day, therefore we want to show our appreciation to them. Let us introduce our loyalty program – Geeklab Plus!

Geeklab Plus

Who is it for?

Anyone with a Geeklab subscription 💪

How do I enroll?

All companies with an active Geeklab subscription are automatically enrolled ✅

What is it about?

We want to reward you for being active on Geeklab. The more tests you run, the higher you get on our tier system.


You start on the basic level when you have completed your first test. To reach the next level, the silver level, you will need to accumulate 400 points per calendar year. After accumulating 1200 points per calendar year, you will reach the gold level. Finally, to reach the highest level, platinum, you will need to accumulate 2500 points per year.

Each tier has member benefits such as discounts, gifts and exclusive events. Geeklab Plus tier discounts will always be available for the next renewed annual subscription.

The amount of points is calculated over the duration of a year, however, you reach the next tier as soon as you go over the minimum required amount points per year. When you reach a tier, you unlock the tier benefits immediately and you will maintain that tier for the next calendar year.

We are happy to help with any questions regarding Geeklab Plus, just send us a message at!


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