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Improve your app store performance with better screenshots

One of the most effective ways to make a strong first impression and entice potential users is through eye-catching screenshots. App store performance with better screenshots can be radically improved and the best way to get there is by A/B testing. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of finding the right kind of screenshots for your mobile game when optimizing the app store.

Creating compelling screenshots

The art of crafting appealing screenshots requires a blend of creativity, marketing strategy, and user-centric thinking. Here’s how to make a good screenshot for the app store:

Test to find the best – A/B testing your screenshots may bring significant changes to the CVR when you are able to find the best-performing screenshots. You can find out whether you should highlight characters, gameplay, or something else.

Find the motivation – Testing the gamer motivations of your audience can help you curate screenshots that appeal to your audience.

Tell a Story – Arrange your screenshots in a sequence that tells a story about your USPs. This helps capture the interest of potential players.

Visual Consistency – Maintain a consistent visual style throughout your screenshots. Use a coherent color palette, typography, and design elements that align with your app’s branding.

Minimal Text – While a tag lines are acceptable, avoid overloading your screenshots with text. Let the visuals speak for themselves, using text only to complement and clarify.

The importance of screenshots in the app store

Screenshots play a pivotal role in the app store for several reasons:

First Impression: Your screenshots are often the first interaction users have with your game. A visually appealing screenshot can entice users to read more about your game or even download it.

Increased Conversions: Well-crafted screenshots can lead to higher conversion rates. Users are more likely to download an app if they can visualize how it will enhance their lives.

User Expectations: Screenshots help set accurate expectations. When users see what they’ll experience after downloading, they’re less likely to be disappointed or uninstall the app immediately.

Localization: Culturalization and localization will make the product page more relatable for the geo in question.

Do all screenshots matter?

Research suggests that users tend to focus more on the initial screenshots rather than scrolling through all of them. From our experience, the first two screenshots are the most crucial in capturing attention and encouraging users to explore further. Therefore, it’s essential to place your most captivating and informative visuals at the beginning.

The orientation of the gallery affects how the screenshots are viewed. A gallery in portrait mode will display the first two screenshots, well 1,5 screenshots, whereas landscape screenshots only display the first one. Testing which orientation works for your app best can be worth a try when optimizing the store page.

On a general note, visitors tend to direct their attention toward your app’s screenshots rather than interacting with other elements, like its description – despite its immediate visibility.

App store videos are increasingly popular with mobile games. Their placement is before the first screenshot by default and the video will autoplay on mute as soon as you open the product page. The video is a powerful way to capture the attention of the potential player. In addition, it is a way to showcase gameplay and entice the potential player to download.

The impact of screenshots

Store screenshots are a powerful element of app store optimization, but their impact extends beyond the visual appeal. Some app stores consider user engagement metrics, such as clicks on screenshots, when determining app rankings. Engaging screenshots can lead to improved discoverability.

When users have a positive experience aligned with your screenshots, they’re more likely to leave positive reviews. These reviews, in turn, influence others’ decisions to download your app. High-quality screenshots also convey professionalism and attention to detail. Users are more likely to trust an app that invests in its presentation.


Finding the right kind of screenshots is a critical component to improve your app store performance. Crafting visually appealing, informative, and user-focused screenshots can significantly impact your app’s success. Remember, these screenshots are not just images; they are a gateway to your app’s world and the bridge that connects users to your app’s value proposition. A/B testing your way to finding the best-performing screenshots can be a literal game-changer. By understanding their importance and investing time in creating them thoughtfully, you’ll be one step closer to capturing the attention and hearts of potential players in the competitive marketplace.

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