How A/B Testing Fuels UA

How A/B testing fuels UA can be divided into two categories: testing ad creatives and testing app store elements. Read along to find out how both support user aqcuisition. For this piece we collaborated with our friends at Appvertiser.

The Importance of Testing for Ad Campaign Optimization

Testing is an indispensable tool for optimizing ad campaigns and uncovering new opportunities for growth.

Whether you’re planning to start advertising or are already running campaigns, incorporating testing into your strategy is crucial for identifying effective approaches and maximizing your ROI.

Test, test, test, test, test, and test!

Effective testing encompasses various aspects of your ad campaigns, including:

  • Audience Testing: Evaluate the performance of different audience segments to identify the most receptive and responsive groups.
  • Creative Testing: Experiment with diverse ad formats, visuals, headlines, and copy to determine which combinations resonate best with your target audience.
  • KPI Testing: Analyze the effectiveness of various key performance indicators (KPIs), such as click-through rates, conversions, and cost-per-action, to optimize your strategies.


Dedicate a specific portion of your ad budget to testing, typically around 5 to 10% of your user acquisition (UA) budget. This allocation allows for exploring new avenues and refining existing strategies without compromising your overall campaign goals.

New Opportunities

Testing can open doors to untapped growth opportunities, such as:

  • Expanding Network Reach: If your campaigns are currently focused on main platforms like TikTok or META, testing can reveal new channels with untapped potential.
  • Targeting Optimization: Experimenting with granular targeting parameters will lead you to identify the most effective audience segments for your campaigns.

Ad Variations and ASO elements

This is fundamental for measuring the effectiveness of different ad variations. Split your audience and present them with two or more versions of an ad or campaign element. This way you can determine which approach drives better results.

This method is also beneficial in ASO when trying to optimize the app store product page creatives.
By running A/B tests, you are able to discover the impact of different screenshots, icons, or other elements on the conversion rate. Moreover, it is used to gain audience intelligence to get to know the audience better.


A week is generally considered a reasonable duration for most tests. However, it depends on your budget and desired level of precision. While you may seek quick answers, it’s crucial to allow sufficient time for data collection and analysis.

A/B Testing for ASO – Practical Examples

The biggest impact on the conversion rate is usually achieved through the visual assets such as the icon and screenshots.

A great example of this is when Popcore was able to increase the conversion rate of Tap Away 3D by conducting a series of tests, utilizing learnings from each test. Read the full story here.

Another example is Trebel’s successful expansion into new markets through a strategic soft launch. They tested new creatives by rebuilding and localizing app store assets to reflect the cultural characteristics of each target country, resulting in outstanding performance and user engagement. Read the full story here.

Seasonal Effects

Seasonality can significantly impact campaign performance. How to avoid it? Extending your testing period over a longer duration helps mitigate the influence of seasonal factors and provides a more accurate assessment of your strategies.

Testing should also be a continuous cycle. The more you test, the more data you have to build further hypotheses for next tests.

Testing is An Ongoing Process

Testing is not a one-time event; it’s an ongoing process that should be integrated into your ad campaign management and ASO routine.

Regularly test different elements to stay ahead of trends, adapt to changing market conditions, and continuously optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

App Store Product Pages

A/B testing different elements of the app store product pages is an effective way to find the best-performing creatives. It also helps stay on trends and test the impact of seasonal creatives.

Concept Validation

A/B testing can be a powerful tool in the early stages of building apps and games. From the first idea onward, you can ask your target users and players what they actually want. The earlier you start testing, the better.

This enables decision-making with the help of data-based insights. It even helps you determine whether the game or app has market potential early on.

Big elements such as the theme of a game, app features, art themes, game mechanics, and characters should be tested early. This way, you already have the data to support your hypothesis and know which direction to take.

A/B Testing as Support for User Acquisition

App store optimization and A/B testing are crucial tools for supporting growth. They’re not a golden ticket that unlocks endless success overnight, but if ignored, they can harm performance.

The better we know our audience, the better chances we have in acquiring and retaining them by knowing how to appeal to them best.

Successful ASO will increase app store ranking.

Collaborating with A/B Testing Experts

A/B testing is an iterative process and can sometimes be complex and time-consuming. Collaborating with A/B testing experts, like Geeklab and Appvertiser, can help save time and improve the accuracy of test results.

Our experts specialize in researching, designing, and executing effective A/B tests, analyzing the results, and providing actionable recommendations to improve the app’s performance.

Geeklab is your trusted partner in app growth and expertise with the mission to turn impressions into installs. A/B testing App Store, Google Play, and Steam product pages, analyzing market data, and surveying your audience with Geeklab can be a real game changer. Our team of ASO experts provides expertise so that you can run successful tests and get better results.

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