People on a beach

Geeklab on the road

What is a great way to keep the team motivated and energized before the cold and dark Finnish winter? Packing the whole crew and going someplace warm for a week of remote work. That’s exactly what we did and here are the highlights of our trip.

All of us traveled different routes at different times to reach Gran Canaria from Helsinki. Twelve people under the same roof might sound intimidating and not relaxing at all, but it turned out to be the opposite. The villa had more bedrooms than needed and covered over 650m2. It was easy to get peace and quiet but also find company when needed to.

Not all work

The first few days were cloudy and a bit rainy, which was fine while we were working during the day. We spent the days working and evenings together either just chilling, doing activities, or enjoying dinners together. Traveling in bigger groups has the advantage of being able to split into smaller groups for different activities but we ended up doing most things together. It was the perfect mix between work and vacation with amazing colleagues to enjoy it with.

Later on in the week we got to enjoy a boat trip along the coast with water activities and amazing sights. We also took a trip to Las Palmas for dinner one night to see the city life. Traveling together also works as a great team-building activity. People’s strengths come out in different scenarios and situations and you learn a lot about your colleagues that you normally wouldn’t.

Relaxed to the max

Now we are back in Helsinki with a bag full of memories and a bunch of pictures to remind us of the fun times. We are recharged, motivated, and ready to take on the busy fall ahead of us (don’t worry we always have time in our calendars for a demo 😉). The well-being of colleagues should never be underestimated and requires attention all year round. This trip was a great getaway together that did wonders!

If you want to see behind the scenes, go check out our new Instagram and TikTok accounts! We have already posted from the trip 🏝

PS. If you want to listen to the theme song of the week, go listen to it here. You’ll like it 🌽.


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