Dating Apps: App Store Creatives

Dating Apps: App Store Creatives of 5 Top Performers of June 2024

The introduction of dating apps over a decade ago, has changed the dating world altogether. The cultural impact has been immense and it is no wonder that the supply of dating apps is plenty nowadays. There is an app for almost every wish, which has opened new doors for many. Fierce competition reigns in this category as well. We looked at the creatives of 5 top performers (June, US market, iOS App Store) and others in the category from an ASO perspective, here’s what we found.

Apps we took a closer look at:

  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • Bumble
  • Hily
  • Rizz (this isn’t a dating app in the same sense but it is the 5th most-downloaded free app in June and therefore included)


Looking at the apps in the dating category it is easy to instantly notice a split between styles if icons. They are either a symbol/logo/single letter or the name of the app. Also within the five apps in this comparison, it stands. Two out of five apps featured the name and the rest featured a symbol/logo/single letter. Another prominent style choice is the use of vivid colors.

What stands out? Out of the five apps, only Hinge has a neutral white background with a black letter “h” as the symbol. Rizz also stands out with a black background and the name written in a light purple tone. It is easy to notice the lack of human faces or illustrated characters. For the entire category to revolve around human relationships it is an interesting finding.


Dating Apps: App Store Creatives

Much like in the icons, the screenshots heavily lean into the use of vivid colors. They are eye-catching and can stand out in a crowded app store. Therefore it is a natural choice for drawing potential users’ attention. Colors like red, pink, and orange are commonly associated with emotions of love, excitement, and warmth, aligning with the purpose of dating apps. The general aesthetics of the screenshots feature mockups from the apps, people’s dating profiles, and strong taglines.

Another natural choice is to feature happy-looking people. It humanizes the app and makes it more relatable and trustworthy. It also makes it easy to see yourself reflected in the images. Images of diverse individuals also signal inclusivity, showcasing that the app caters to a wide range of users.


Many of the taglines highlight connection, compatibility, and meeting new people. Instead of highlighting the core features of the app, they focus more on the KSPs. They emphasize proactive engagement, meaningful connections, shared interests, and safety, while also highlighting the app’s effectiveness and efficiency in fostering relationships. The messaging conveys transition from online interactions to offline meetings, encouraging users to skip superficial conversations and find substantial connections quickly. These taglines collectively suggest that the apps are designed to meet various dating goals, from casual encounters to serious, long-term relationships, and are built with the user’s best interests in mind.

What stands out? Two key things stuck to mind from the screenshots. Firstly, Hinge’s brilliant approach to double-down on the inevitable fact, that the dating app is most likely going to be dumped by the user sooner or later. Using “Designed to be deleted” as a message utilizes self-irony but it also conveys the message why the user should download it in the first place.

Secondly, a surprising finding is that almost none of the screenshots feature couples. Out of 23 individual screenshots only two has a picture of a couple. A few featured two dating profiles next to each other to symbolize a match.


Here are some ideas that could be put to test to see the impact:

  • Featuring pictures of people that look less like stock photos and more like actual users on the app to maximize relatability (example: Hily)
  • Featuring more pictures of couples to convey the idea of finding someone
  • Highlighting safety aspects more

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