combine community building and aso in mobile gaming

Combining the power of ASO and community building in mobile gaming

In the ever-evolving world of app marketing, adopting a holistic approach that leverages multiple strategies can maximize your app’s success. App Store Optimization and community building are two powerful techniques that, when combined, can deliver exceptional results. Let’s dive in how you can effectively integrate ASO and community building to reap the benefits of both aspects.

ASO drives community engagement

App store optimization plays an impostant role in increasing your app’s visibility and attracting new users. Optimizing your app’s metadata, visuals, and keywords, can improve its ranking in app store search results. This increased visibility not only potentially drives more organic downloads but also presents an opportunity to direct users to your community platforms. Utilize ASO techniques to highlight the community features of your app in the app store screenshots or description, encouraging users to join and engage with like-minded players.

Bonus tip ✨ When conducting concept validation tests on Geeklab, it is possible to direct users at the end of a survey to any URL. This means that you can already start community-building efforts before launch.

Community building enhances ASO Efforts

Building a strong community around your app creates a sense of belonging, encourages user engagement, and boosts retention rates. A vibrant and active community can significantly impact your ASO efforts positively. Engaged users are more likely to leave positive reviews, which, in turn, improves your app’s overall ratings and credibility. Positive reviews and high ratings are key factors in ASO, as they contribute to higher conversion rates and increased visibility in app stores. Read more on the impact of ratings and reviews here.

User-generated content

Community building empowers your users to create and share user-generated content related to your app or game. This content, such as gameplay videos, tutorials, or fan art, not only adds value to your community but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. User-generated content can be optimized with relevant keywords and tags to improve its discoverability in search engine results. Encourage your community members to tag your app’s name or relevant keywords when sharing their content, increasing the chances of it being found by potential users and boosting your ASO efforts.

Community feedback

Your community members are a valuable source to learn from. Actively listen to their suggestions, complaints, and feature requests. Analyze the feedback and identify areas for improvement that align with your goals. Updating your app based on community feedback demonstrates your responsiveness and dedication to enhancing the user experience, ultimately leading to higher user satisfaction and improved app store ratings. Implementing community-driven updates not only boosts engagement but also positively impacts your ASO performance.


Utilize your community platforms to cross-promote your app and vice versa. Within your community, create a dedicated section or feature that highlights your app’s unique selling points, exciting updates, or exclusive in-app content. Cross-promotion nurtures a symbiotic relationship between your app and its community, driving engagement, and expanding your user base.

Events and contests

Organize engaging events, contests, or challenges within your community to foster excitement and healthy competition among your users. These activities not only boost community engagement but also create opportunities for viral sharing and user-generated content. Additionally, leverage ASO techniques to optimize your event-related keywords and descriptions to attract new users searching for similar activities in app stores. The combination of community-building events and ASO optimization can significantly enhance your app’s visibility, drive new user acquisition, and fuel community growth.

Leveraging the in-app event and promotional content on both app stores can also boost your visibility on the app store. For a deep dive in this topic, go check out our guest post written by AppTweak.

In conclusion, integrating ASO and community building strategies can create a powerful synergy that fuels your app’s success. By optimizing your app’s visibility, engaging with your community, leveraging user-generated content, and cross-promoting effectively, you can achieve great results!


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