ASO Breakdown: Top Elements in Narrative Merge Videos

Let’s discover the top elements in narrative merge videos. When looking at the top-performing Merge with Meta games featuring narrative videos on Google Play in the United States, clear storytelling patterns emerge. Strong hooks, exaggerated emotions, and resilient female protagonists are common elements in story intros.

Strong Hooks

Whether it’s a person who transforms into a garden bush or an arrested grandmother, the opening captures the viewer’s attention quickly and encourages further engagement. The use of a human-eye level view and close-up shot of the protagonist makes it easy to follow events and interpret character expressions.

Merge Gardens

Emotional Appeal

Appealing to the players’ altruistic side through a sad protagonist is common. The narrative intros frequently focus on family drama and pivotal moments in life. The intros often depict how the protagonist tries to recover from an unexpected situation, such as divorce for example.

Love & Pies – Merge Mystery

It’s also common to create interest in the story with a surprised reaction from the protagonist o a captivating situation. This is especially common with a mystery theme.

Merge Mansion

Female Lead

All protagonists featured in the videos of this game sample are female. They appear to be of working age, most likely to appeal to the target audience. The videos typically feature two characters, the other character frequently being a young child or an elderly woman, emphasizing family focus.

Gossip Harbor: Merge & Story

From Intro to Progression

After the story intro, family-focused narrative can lead to restoring a house to open a café or improving living conditions by restoring a house. The videos switch to a birds-eye view, revealing more of the surroundings. What’s noticeable is a progression focus, with merge gameplay showing immediate results. Building on the intro, the altruistic angle is frequently included throughout the video, implying that merging items helps the protagonist.

Merge Inn – Cafe Merge Game

This blog post focused on product page videos due to their high visibility. The puzzle audience is known for its frequent decisive user behavior. Therefore optimizing the content of the prominently displayed video can significantly increase CVR.

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