ASO Breakdown: February Top 3 Downloaded Puzzle Games for iOS

February has come to its end so let’s take a look at the February top 3 downloaded puzzle games worldwide for iOS.

Block Blast!

Block Blast! by Hungry Studio is a mixture of block and puzzle games, where players have to create rows of the same colour by placing blocks. This game has recently been doing a lot of advertising efforts and seemingly so with good success.

Visual Analysis

The icon has different colour blocks that are featured in the game. The visual look of the game is colourful, but it maintains a certain simplicity throughout – this makes the visuals exciting but still clear to understand.

Screenshots and app-preview video

Screenshots only showcase the gameplay, with some screenshots having a tagline at the bottom of the screen. The background is one colour and the UI is not too busy on the eyes. Otherwise they are full of colour, due to the blocks being different colours in-game.


The description highlights users having to use their logical skills to solve puzzles and get combos. Key features and gameplay instructions are listed, as well as some tips on how to become a block puzzle master. It’s easy on the eyes and despite being quite long, it’s easy to follow and understand.

Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle

Wood Nuts & Bolts Puzzle by ABIGAMES is a puzzle game where users must use wooden nuts and bolts to solve challenges.

Visual Analysis

The icon is showcasing some wooden blocks that are featured in the game. Overall the visual style of the game is very simple and easy to understand, and showcasing gameplay seems to be in the focus.

Screenshots and app-preview video

Screenshots are captures of different levels in the actual game. They all have a white background, with the nuts and bolts being in the focus. This makes the screenshots easy to navigate for users and it clearly showcases the premise of the game.


The description challenges users to solve challenging puzzles. Key features and the flow of the game are listed below. Despite being fairly long, the description follows suit with the rest of the game by being easy to understand.

Royal Match

Royal Match by Dream Games is a match-3 game, which most likely is familiar to many. In the game, players aim to strategically match and merge puzzle pieces of the same type to clear levels and progress through colorful and engaging match-3 gameplay.

Visual Analysis

The icon is the main character of the game, the King, smiling in a close-up. The visual style of the game is very colorful, with quite a lot going on for the eyes.

Screenshots and app-preview video

Screenshots depict a mix of gameplay and UI from the game. The King can be seen in danger, invoking a sense of urgency in the player. The style is more complex than in the previous two games mentioned above – the visuals have a lot going on.


The description has a brief introduction to the game and a list of the key features of the game. It’s short and straight to the point, making it very readable and engaging.

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