Best games of 2023 for Google Play

ASO Breakdown: Best Games of 2023 for Google Play

Best games of 2023 for Google Play – get ready to swipe, tap, and strategize your way through the year’s best! Whether you’re a casual player looking for a quick fix or a hardcore gamer seeking an epic adventure, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into the Google Play gems that stole the show in 2023.

Best game of 2023 and best story: Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is the RPG you have been looking for. Between its stunning anime visuals, innovative combat, and deep story, this game is a sure way to suck you in right from the get-go. From its beautiful worlds, in-depth and interesting lore, and master turn-based battles that are sure to fascinate both veterans and newcomers. If you’re seeking the ultimate gaming destination, look no further – there’s no wonder Honkai: Star Rail has won the best game of 2023!

Stunning visuals

A single glance at the visuals ignites the spirit of adventure. They give you the ability to immerse yourself in rich RPG experiences, discover beautiful worlds, and master a satisfying combat system. This enticing glimpse invites every RPG enthusiast to embark on an unforgettable journey and also invites others outside of the genre. The stunning visuals depict plenty of action and a fantasy-like world with darker blue color palettes.


The Play Store description highlights what makes the game so inviting. It describes its distinct worlds, the riveting RPG experience it offers, the type of allies you encounter, how it reimagines combat, and its suburb voice acting.

User’s choice: MONOPOLY GO!

Developed by Scopely, who hasn’t played Monopoly? The board game that has been around since the early 1900s now continues its legacy in the mobile gaming world. It’s no wonder it was one the best games of 2023 for Google Play with its applauding revenue and impressive splash in the gaming market.

Visuals to attract

The visuals are a reminder of what the game is all about. Reminding past players from back in the day what made the game so fun and part of their childhood. I mean, who has forgotten the rough hardships of having all your properties taken from you? While it sticks to its roots, it still resembles itself in a more updated fashion.


The Play Store description is short, sweet, and right to the point. It effectively describes the gameplay, what you can do, and whom you can do it with while highlighting the new twist on the game.

Best Multiplayer: Farlight 84

Developed by Farlight, this fast-paced hero battle royale is sure to scratch your itch when you are looking for your next mobile competitive shooter!

Visual Breakdown

The visual breakdown shows all the action-packed fun there is to be had. Whether it is developing your own play style with various heroes with their skills, entering high-powered vehicles, getting revenge on your enemy, or using a jetpack mechanic, there is a play style for all. This not only highlights the many things you can do in the game but shows that there is a chance for the user to have their unique play style in the battle royale world.


The Play Store description highlights all of their key features. Such as breaking down hero skills, armed vehicles, cross-platform abilities, multiple revives, and Innovative in-game growth. It goes into detail about all of these features giving the user an idea of exactly what they are getting into before they can even install!

Best Indie: Vampire Survivors

Developed by Poncle, are you craving chaos? Slay hordes of Vampire Survivors! Rougelite RPG with endless challenges. Thriving on the 90’s retro style, this game is sure to bring you back to the old days with a modern touch.

Retro Style Visuals

Visuals are giving you a taste of your typical 90’s game. The pixel fuel art style that is throwing you into a bullet hell is sure to attract people from the past who grew up with this style but also bring in new people to the style. The use of prominent tag lines highlights its key features such as being a bullet hell, offline mode, discovering more loot, and being able to play your own way!


The Play Store description emphasizes that this game is an action-packed rogue-like RPG game that is available on mobile platforms. It offers intense survival challenges against hordes of supernatural enemies, with cooperative multiplayer options and strategic gameplay elements such as upgrading skills and selecting weapons. The game encourages exploration across diverse environments and promises ongoing development/community engagement.

Best Ongoing: Stumble Guys

Also developed by Scopely, a game to play with all of your friends and many others. It is a 32-player knockout game with a bunch of different fun but tough obstacles to make it to the end!

Color packed visuals

These visuals are jumping out right at you showing different styles of gameplay, games you can encounter, and different types of levels. What is done nicely here is that it looks like a lot is going on but it is also easy on the user’s eyes, being contrasted perfectly while being able to stick with the theme of being colorful and fun. One big thing that sticks out here is the lack of tag lines altogether. The visuals convey what is left unwritten.


The description excels by being able to convey the chaotic multiplayer experience, emphasizing different game modes, social play with friends and family, extensive customization options, and regular content updates, which ensures an engaging and dynamic gaming experience for players seeking excitement, variety, and social interaction.

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