Apptica Talks podcast: ASO and A/B testing insights with Emilio Mellado

This week our Senior Customer Marketing Manager Emilio shared his ASO and A/B testing insights with Apptica, whose brand new Apptica Talks podcast is freshly released. On the podcast Emilio and Ksenia talk about concept validation and the insights of a winning variant, even when one is not found. The episode also includes strategies to optimize your app’s custom product pages and how to go about fake ads. Topping it all off is best practices for a good testing flow and some trend predictions for 2023.

Key findings

Based on the conversation we picked up some key findings. A very key element to ASO and A/B testing, according to Emilio, is to test, iterate and optimize. Concept validation is very important during the development phase if you want to optimize early on. But that shouldn’t end when the app or game s launched. Optimizing the store page and keeping up with trends is just as important. Thus, even when your app or game is performing well, keep an eye out on market trends and what competitors are up to.

We recommend listening to the episode for a walkthrough of what is a good flow for testing in different phases. Furthermore, you can find a comprehensive summary of the episode on Apptica’s blog.


Table of Contents

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