Solutions to turn impressions to installs and more

Improve paid growth

Turn your ad impressions into installs.

We created a data-driven product to assist you in growing your app business. We’re committed to assisting you in making your product the best it can be by combining A/B testing, machine learning, and human judgment. Our priority is to help you succeed independently utilizing Geeklab or by us leading the campaign for you.

We can help you build a better product and get more downloads with the right data – but we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re constantly testing, refining, and optimizing to give app businesses like yours a competitive advantage.

Popcore was able to increase their App Store conversion from 26.8 percent to 84 percent, more than 3x their downloads and establishing Tap Away 3D as a leading puzzle game.

The user sees an advertisement

Users are acquired through your primary acquisition channels and directed to Geeklab's Proxy page.

The user encounters one of the app store variants.

Geeklab's proxy enables you to run multivariant tests in environments similar to the iOS App Store, Google Play, Huawei App Gallery, and Steam.

Determine the winners and apply them to real-world scenarios.

You can upload the winning variants to the real store while continuing to optimize on Geeklab after learning what works on our multivariate test and enhanced data analytics.

Validate Concepts

Make sure that the most important decisions you make are supported by data.

Ideation is a disorganized process. We understand that your most important decisions are made at the start of your product’s lifecycle. Our platform allows you to run tests with real people the moment an idea occurs to you, ensuring that your idea is validated before investing weeks, months, or even years in development.

When you’re ready for your first real test, we’ll make it as simple as possible. Our platform provides you with the necessary tools, and our agency provides you with resources to validate your concept before investing in a product.



Drag the slider to see which version helped Rovio gain 15 000 installs more for every 100 000 installs

"Geeklab has been and still is one of our key tool for both the evaluation of new concepts and app store optimization. Thanks to the accuracy and depth of data that we're getting from Geeklab, we're able to optimise for our target audiences in a rigorous and agile manner, whether our games are already in the market or not."
Kieran O'Leary
COO / Rovio

Optimize Prelaunch

Prepare your rocket for launch by polishing it.

We will assist you in developing products that are fully optimized for the global market and ready to launch all over the world, from the smallest tweak to a full re-design.

Growthlab enables you to create private or team-level application lists. Search over 5,000,000 apps by keywords, app categories, or developers for in depth analysis.


Assetlab contains all the necessary functionalities that will allow you to easily and quickly create product page visuals.

Create your first product page visuals in minutes by choosing one of our custom made templates. We update our templates on a regular basis to ensure you can keep up with product page trends.





Each Geeklab campaign yields valuable insights into the behavior of product page visitors. With the right information, you can make the best decision for your app or game going forward.


Find out the best ways to market your web3 project.

The main question with all web3 projects is their adaptability and marketing strategy.

Through a combination of research and a passion for web3 technologies, we’ve taken what we’ve learned from tens of millions of data points on mobile marketing and applied it to web3 marketing.