NEW: Geeklab Taxonomy

Follow our brief introduction to Geeklab’s taxonomy, to help you better navigate when running tests with our platform.

At Geeklab, we’ve played with a lot of different terms in the past year, so having our internal taxonomy in place is something that’s long overdue. We’ve played around with terms like tests, appcredits, campaign credits, campaigns, product pages, variations, apps, everything meaning sometimes the same, sometimes different things. 

Geeklab’s taxonomy comes in three layers, where each of these come with no limitations. Create, modify and manage as many Projects, Campaigns and Variations as you want.

? Project

As you might have hundreds of campaigns belonging to multiple different projects, we cleared things up by creating a section called Projects. You can create as many Projects as you wish from the projects section in the dashboard.

Everything you do with Projects is only visible for you and your team-mates. None of the audience you drive to our tracking links will see what Projects you’ve made and what Projects work as the parent for your campaigns.

Pro Tip: To spice things up and make the dashboards exciting to look at, you can give each project a specific icon, banner art as well as genre and sub-genre.

After creating your project, you can assign new campaigns as well as old ones to your project. Each campaign can only belong to one project.

FAQ: I’m running a campaign for a new project we’re developing (A) and one of the variations have our old project (B) as a comparison point. To which project should I assign this campaign to?

In this case, you are using your old project (B) as a way to benchmark new project’s (A) marketability, and this particular campaign is meant to improve or validate variant (A) so we recommend to pick (A) as the Project.

FAQ: We do not really know what our project will be, after we’ve done a series of tests. What should we call it?

No worries, Projects are meant to be developed and iterated as you learn more what works with your audience. Title, Icon, Banner Art, Categories and Sub-categories can be modified at any point of time, without changing any of the data you’ve collected.

? Campaigns

Campaigns are as flexible as everything else in Geeklab. Campaigns do not actually hold any data inside them. Campaigns are used to measure different variants against each others as well as to get a campaign tracking link that will randomly distribute traffic between different variants inside that campaign. 

You can edit the campaign and attach different variants to it afterwards from the campaigns section. Deleting a campaign or removing a variant from the campaign won’t delete the variants or any of the data-points.

Campaigns come with campaign tracking links, which will randomly distribute the traffic between all the different variants.

?‍? Variations

Under each campaign you can create as many variations as you want. We do recommend to keep it maximum five, to achieve statistical significance faster. You have the opportunity to create as many as you wish, however our UI might break as you have more variants than there are letters in the alphabet. 

Each variation is a fully functional stand-alone page. This allows a lot of flexibility, as well as individual data-points for each variant. As they work as standalone pages, you can modify anything out of the 60+ elements we allow you to edit. This means that you can easily create i.ex. a:

  • Holistic visual test, where all the visuals differ to each other. 
  • Name Test where only the title and subtitle are subject of the test
  • Marketability test where you compare completely different app-store pages against each other (for this we have unique variant tracking links you can access by default.)
  • Ratings test. How does your ratings affect your store conversion.
  • Apple’s Privacy Label Content test. How does the privacy labels affect your conversion.

Variations come with campaign tracking links, which will randomly distribute the traffic between all the different variants.


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