ASO Breakdown: How BangBang Survivor is Making Its Mark Globally

In the highly competitive world of mobile gaming, few titles manage to stand out as quickly and dramatically as BangBang Survivor. Originally a Chinese game developed by SPGame, it has rapidly climbed the ranks in the tower defense genre, employing a sophisticated localization strategy to capture diverse markets. With over 4.2 million downloads worldwide as of May 24th, BangBang Survivor is demonstrating how culturalization can contribute to global success. Let’s dive into how this game is approaching localization across different countries by comparing key visual elements.

Top Downloaded Tower Defense Games – Worldwide, May 24

  • Plants vs Zombies: 4M
  • Plants vs Zombies 2: 2.6M
  • Space Survivor: 1.2M
  • BangBang Survivor: 4.2M

Game breakdown

BangBang Survivor is distributed through three main apps:

  • 向僵尸开炮 (only iOS) – China: 500K Downloads in May; released in January 24, 1.9M lifetime downloads, $20.5M revenue
  • BangBang Survivor (iOS & Playstore) – Worldwide: 1.6M Downloads since May 2024, $1.7M revenue
  • Zombies Boom (Playstore) – Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam: 2.1M Downloads since April 23, 2024, $207K revenue

Game overview

BangBang Survivor is a roguelike shooting game set in a post-apocalyptic future where players fend off zombie hordes using various firearms and skills. It offers a blend of hack-and-slash action, casual gameplay, and strategic skill combinations, all wrapped in a unique graphic style.

Comparative analysis of visual elements

Overall design

China – Detailed and Heroic. Characters are intricately detailed, often depicted in dynamic poses with futuristic weapons. This design caters to Chinese gamers’ preference for high-action, visually impressive figures.

Southeast Asia* – Subtle Frames. Industrial frames are more subtle, focusing on gameplay clarity while still conveying a sense of action.

*Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Singapore – Hybridization of Screenshots. Combines two portrait gameplay images within a landscape format, surrounded by immersive backgrounds and characters. This technique maximizes visual impact.

Rest of the world – Inclined Boxes for Taglines. Screenshots feature inclined boxes at the top and bottom, with the bottom box being significantly larger to house taglines. This structured design highlights different gameplay aspects. Notably this is also the only geo where they have utilized video content. The video features a dynamic overview of gameplay.

Taglines and backgrounds

China – Glowing Backgrounds Behind Taglines. Each tagline is backed by a glowing background, making key messages stand out prominently.

Southeast Asia – Small Glowing Underlines. Taglines have small glowing underlines instead of full backgrounds, ensuring readability without overwhelming the visual space.

Singapore – Comic-Style Boxes. Taglines are placed within bold comic-style boxes with vibrant colors and white text, effectively highlighting key messages.

Rest of the world – Bold Comic-Style Boxes. Similar to Singapore, using bold colors and comic-style boxes for taglines, ensuring clarity and visual appeal.

Use of colors

China – Consistent Palette. All the screenshots in the Chinese version use a consistent color palette. The design elements feature bold and vibrant colors, such as bright yellows and oranges. This uniformity makes the game visually stimulating and cohesive.

Southeast Asia – Similar Approach to China. The Southeast Asian screenshots follow a similar approach to the Chinese version, using a consistent bold color palette for the design elements.

Singapore – Bright and Pastel. The screenshots includes bright yet pastel-like colors for the tagline boxes, creating a contrast that highlights key features

Rest of the world – Visual Appeal and Clarity. The pastel colors in the design elements provide an appealing contrast to the dynamic and bold gameplay scenes. The main keyword of the tagline is highlighted in a subtone of the background tagline box. It ensures that the key messages are communicated effectively without visual clutter.


BangBang Survivor demonstrates how thoughtful localization and culturalization can contribute to the success of a mobile game. By tailoring visual elements and gameplay to the preferences of different regions, the game enhances its appeal and engagement across diverse markets. As BangBang Survivor continues to grow in popularity within the tower defense genre, it highlights the importance of understanding and adapting to cultural nuances in mobile gaming.

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