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Jesse Lempiäinen, CEO & Co-founder of Geeklab, is a key innovator in the gaming industry. With a rich history at Rovio, he brings a unique perspective to game launches, emphasizing the importance of understanding the target audience and advocating for a flexible, iterative development process. His approach involves testing multiple versions to identify the most effective strategy, demonstrating the impact of even minor tweaks on overall success. Jesse’s methods and insights are particularly valuable for anyone seeking fresh, effective strategies in game development and marketing.

Jesse Lempiäinen, the CEO & Co-founder of Geeklab, has notably advanced the gaming industry with his innovative approach to game development and marketing. At Geeklab, Jesse and his team offer tools for app store optimization and market intelligence, empowering developers to refine their product strategies. Geeklab’s collaboration with prominent gaming companies like Supercell, Rovio, and Wooga underscores its impact and credibility in the industry. Jesse’s framework and Geeklab’s services provide valuable insights and methodologies to anyone enhancing understanding of mobile game marketing’s dynamic landscape.


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Reinventing Game Launches

Length: 15-45 minutes

Audience: Game Developers, Marketers and Business Developers

Discover the Future of Game Launches: A Groundbreaking Presentation by Jesse Lempiäinen. Dive into innovative strategies for successful game releases with insights from Geeklab’s CEO. Learn about audience-focused development, the power of iterative testing, and how small tweaks can lead to big wins. This presentation is a must-see for anyone in the gaming industry looking to elevate their launch strategies and engage audiences more effectively.

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