Concept Validation

Find the best market potential.

Begin learning even before creating your app. When it comes to concept testing, there is no such thing as being too early.

Find your audience

Advertise in your primary mobile marketing channels even before you launch the app. Experiment to find the best audience fit for you..

Measure the Full Funnel

Don't overlook the most important part of the information. Get download data even before you have an app that users can install.

Qualitative insights

More than simply counting downloads is required for concept testing. Recognize demographics and qualitative insights from your primary audience.

Starberry defined their new theme, through concept validation

Frequently asked questions about concept validation

No worries! Geeklab allows you to manually enter the data so you may a/b test different art styles, etc. before even launching the app.

We also provide additional tools, such as surveys, to help you in conducting market validation.
We recommend to test your hypotheses the minute you have the idea.

The sooner the better, as it is way easier to implement the learnings whilst developing your app, rather than having to go to the trouble of changing everything after a while.
Absolutely not! On our website, we provide a guided lesson on how to create a campaign as well as a live chat to answer any questions you may have.

You can also ask for a platform on-boarding.
Store A/B Testing

Optimize your funnel's most important component.

No matter where your users come from, they must all convert to a download through your store.

A/B test your store pages

Run multivariate tests on the App Store, Google Play, Steam, or the Huawei App Gallery (coming soon).

Over 60 elements to test.

There are over 60 elements and 200 different localizations. Test and optimize your store pages for each of your primary target audiences.

Rich datapoints, better learnings

Statistical models that are sufficient to help you understand and learn better and faster. Thousands of metrics and analyses are available.

After 14 campaigns Pixel Federation were able to


their store conversion with store A/B testing

Frequently asked questions about concept validation

Geeklab allows you to test anything, at any time, with a large number of data points. Apple's A/B testing is dependent on manual reviews, app updates, and a limited number of elements.

This makes Apple native testing ideal for minor tweaks but ineffective for more comprehensive tests, particularly when experimenting with new features, art styles, or themes.

In addition, unlike native testing, Geeklab allows you to segment users and select which audience you want to test with, resulting in better repeatability.
Geeklab supports every traffic source available on the market.
Yes, you need to send traffic to the test page to get users that we analyze. Alternatively you can also consult our experts on sending the traffic.
Coming Soon

Your hub, command center.

Bring your most important operations all under the same hub.

Optimize your App Store and Google Play
35 Product pages, 200 localisations

Apple's new update is a fantastic opportunity, but managing 35 different ad funnels in all of the different localisations can be overwhelming. Geeklab's App Store Management saves the day.

All your tests in one place

Shooting in the dark is not a good idea. Manage both Native App Store and Geeklab tests from the same platform.

Track Performance

Understand and learn everything there is to know.

Research audience and competitors

Qualitative insights to quantitative space.

Examine more than just downloads and store behavior. Recognize your users' primary motivations and interests.

Benchmark competitors

Out of over 2.000.000 apps, investigate your competitors' marketing. Examine their store assets and obtain conversion benchmarks from competitors.

Survey your audience

Learn more by asking more questions. Our survey tool prioritizes privacy and usability, allowing us to collect as many responses as possible while maintaining strict confidentiality.

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