Run your tests, keep your secrets

It is not an unreasonable fear in this day and age to be concerned about your data and secrets being shared with your competitors who own your vendors.


In 2022, over 1600 users trust their growth on us.

Geeklab | Data-Driven Mobile Marketing Platform

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From concept validation to live-ops

Geeklab Feature overview


Two hour manual work in five seconds

Find out what your competition uses to increase downloads, ad click-through and make it into the top charts.


Let artists focus on art

Create beautiful icons, mobile screenshots and hero images that match your unique brand in minutes.

Product Page Testing

A/B test anything, instantly

Test over 60 elements and 200 different localisations and find the best converting variation. Our award winning platform provides an easy to use product page builder.

Data analytics

Rich datapoints, better learnings

Statistical models that are sufficient to help you understand and learn better and faster. Thousands of metrics and analyses are available

Case studies & success stories

The top developers trust Geeklab in their daily marketing

Geeklab has been and still is one of our key tool for both the evaluation of new concepts and Appstore Optimization. Thanks to the accuracy and depth of data that we're getting from Geeklab, we're able to optimise for our target audiences in a rigorous and agile manner, whether our games are already in the market or not.

Kieran O'Leary

COO / Rovio

Geeklab is by far the most accurate and cost-effective mobile marketing service available for validating the performance of your product. Extremely expert team!

Michail Katkoff

FOUNDER / Savage Games

Geeklab is a super team that guided us through early marketing validation and did most of the work for us. Very useful and affordable service for teams busy with game development!

Alexey Sazonov

CO-FOUNDER / Order of Meta


For indies and start-ups
$ 300 monthly
  • Up to One (1) Product Page Test
  • Competitor Analyzis
  • Up to One (1) User
  • Creatives Editor


For medium sized businesses
$ 800 monthly
  • Everything in Pluto and
  • Unlimited Product Page Tests
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Benchmarks
  • Up to three (3) Users


For companies with multiple projects
Ask us
  • Everything in Galaxy and
  • User-level data exports
  • Unlimited API access
  • Expert research and hypotheses
  • Onboarding and coaching to the platform
  • Dedicated account manager