Update: 27.04

Posted on Apr 27th 2022 by Jason Lempiäinen

Product update 27.04

The Campaigns & Variations view now has a few new functionalities. 


When you expand the view of a campaign, you can now see the visuals of each variation.


When you click on the visuals, it will open an overview of the campaign. You can see if you have Pixel or Demographics selected, as well as the final destination for that variation. The text and visuals of the store page can be found below the General information.


From Rename you can now edit the name of the variations even after the campaign has received 100 impressions . Also, the preview button that opens the preview look-alike page has been moved under the variation name.

Sidebar changes:

+ Create button replaces the campaignbuilder and surveybuilder in the sidebar. 

Live chat:

You can contact Customer Support by clicking the chat button next to your account name in the top right corner of the Geeklabs dashboard.

Jason Lempiäinen
Jason Lempiäinen

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