Product update 10/22

Product Update 10/2022

In this weeks product update, Campaign Details and Dashboard received visual and performance updates. 

Campaign Details

Your campaign results are now available much faster. Instead of calculating in real time, the results are updated every 15 minutes, allowing the campaign details to load quickly.

You can now share the URL of your campaign’s results with members of your team. The URL has now been formatted as follows: /dashboard/campaigndetails/100.

Better predictive model

For determining the winner of your campaign, we now provide even more precise predictive models. Instead of using the same base values for all campaign, our Bayesian model now uses category specific base values to provide even more accurate predictions.


The dashboard’s outlook has been significantly improved. With the help of customer feedback, the campaign snapshot has been moved to a larger card with more simplistic look.

You can now create campaigns and access your GrowthLab list with a single click.

If you need further read, you can find it in the feed on the right side of the dashboard, which contains our blog posts, assisting guides, and FAQ.

Reorder Variations

Once you have submitted your campaign you are now able to change the order of the variations. From the drop down menu next to each campaign in Campaigns & Variations side tab you can select Reorder Variations. This will open up a popup were you are able to drag and change the order of the variations.

Project setup

The process for creating new projects has also been updated. If your game/app is already live, you can now download it directly from the app stores. If your game/app isn’t yet live, you can manually create a new project. If you don’t yet have an icon or a name, you can use the ready-made icons and random names that are available in the project setup.

You can later edit the projects to change the concept’s name and icon if wanted.

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