Trying Out – Top 3 of Games in February


High Heels

This game is definitely not lagging on the amount to collectable diamonds. I am used to games giving you a hard time collecting any additional diamonds or money, but this game has no problem with that – and it was a fresh change. I get why people get addicted to always gaining more and more, since after every round there was a possibility to watch an ad to gain like an extra 300 diamonds. Despite the crazy amount of ads within this game, the colors, the feeling and the overall visual look made me play the game for a good hour. In way, it was satisfying to see the heels grow and shorten when walking onto the podium and I get why people get addicted. The game also had different events, such as the Fashion Week, which made it hard for the player to get bored. 


When a new game is suddenly on the top of the ranking I get really excited to try it out. However, I knew that the first impression wasn’t going to be the best since there were no instructions in the screenshots or in the beginning go the game. However, this made it possible to try it out with NO prejudice and just go with it. The game was actually pretty simple in the end; you cut wood and build with the wood. I usually go personally for more complex games, and with this one the overall outlook of the game was simple and clean and I felt like there wasn’t enough challenge for me. This however doesn’t mean this game is not good, and I totally get why people like it. 

ABC Runner

Well this game was something different! Such a fun change for everything I usually end up playing. In this game you get a specific letter from the alphabet and then a certain category such as “a fruit”, “an animal” or “a country” and you have to insert something what starts with the specific letter and then contains as much as alphabets as possible. This game had the same mindset on the collectable diamonds – there wasn’t a lack in them. Even though I didn’t play the game long enough to find out all the possibilities the diamonds could’ve given me, I bet there are multiple options once you get further. The core purpose was really great, but I felt like one round could’ve been longer. There were approximately 4 to 5 words each round and the round was over sooner than I thought. But maybe once you’ve played longer, the rounds get longer too. 

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