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Posted on Mar 3rd 2021 by Miira Vehviläinen

The statistics are from Sensor Tower and are based on free App Store apps in the U.S. 

The icons on the Top 5 of the month are so well known that they probably don't even need identification. 


Instagram's screenshots differ from many while they don't contain any placement of written instructions or else. The screenshots are basically real screenshots from the app without any additional placement of marketing. However, in their description they explain the basic idea behind the app. In addition, High Heels is also lacking on instructions in their screenshots. When I download a game, I personally prefer even a few words to describe the core idea of the game - but maybe that's just me. But many extra points from their icon, which is obviously made a bit different and fun. 

Ranking statistics

Even though Zoom overruled TikTok in this months battle, TikTok seems to have more steady statistics on the ranking. You can see that TikTok has stayed in the Top 5 pretty much ever since December, outruling a few days between January and February. Zoom however has been on an off and weirdly enough, has no only been on and off from Top 5 but everytime coming right back to the first place - even from rankings lower than Top 20.

These three are very close to each other regarding the rankings. Here, even though it seems as first that High Heels has been the most steady, you can see that the range with High Heels is bigger than with the other two. Thus, they all have been pretty equal ever since from December. We can see here, that High Heels however has in fact held its place on the Top 10 very steady, which is not that common when it comes to a game in All Category.

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