Top 5 of July – Lifestyle

To continue the Top 5 series, next up is Lifestyle!

As in the Top 5 Action Games post, I took the final ranking from the 28th of July, in the US:

1. T-Mobile Tuesdays

2. Pinterest

3. Funny Voice Effects & Changer

4. Tinder – Dating

5. Amazon Alexa

After analyzing the visuals of these apps, I found that the dominant colors are red and pink.

Red can be seen as a color that raises blood pressure  and thus creates excitement, which is an essential emotion for example an app like Tinder or Pinterest, where you are looking for inspiration and meeting new people. It can also be seen as a color for passion and energy. Pink is most often associated with femininity, but that is not all it is. It can also be associated with playfulness and being young. The playfulness part connects well with some of these apps such as Tinder and T-Mobile. They are fun are carefree apps, and want to make you feel like it as well.

These app’s screenshots actually vary a lot from each other. For example Funny Voice Effects has only two screenshots, when Amazon Alexa has seven. Overall their visual look of the screenshots is very different, some on them have the same colors as in their icon, some have completely different ones and some are using just plain white and writing. 

In addition to the visuals, I analyzed the ranking of these apps within July:

1. T-Mobile Tuesdays

– Published in 2016 –

– This App is based on Tuesdays as you can see by the title. Every Tuesday there are different offers and contests – 

– Thus, every Tuesday this app is at least on Top 5 and some Tuesdays even nr. 1 –

– Towards the weekend, the app is barely on Top 10 –

2. Pinterest

– Published in 2011 –

– Stayed 18 days being nr.1 – 

– Stayed the whole month in the Top 2 –

3. Funny Voice Effects & Changer

– Published in May 2020 –

– Entered the Top 10 on the 2nd of July –

– Stayed in the Top 10 for the whole month – 

– Entered the Top 3 on the 4th of July –

– Stayed majority of the month in the Top 3 but also fell off the Top 5 many times –

– Was nr.1 for 5 days –

4. Tinder – Dating

– Published in 2012 –

– Stayed as the nr.3 for 19 days –

– Stayed most of the month in the Top 3 –

– Stayed the whole month at least in the Top 5 –

5. Amazon Alexa

– Published in 2014 – 

– Has been on and off from the Top 5 for the whole month – 

– Has not fallen out of Top 10 – 

– Has been part of the Top 3 several times –

– Has mostly been nr.5 for the whole month –

This Top 5 of Lifestyle apps clearly have three more dominant and permanent ones: Pinterest, Tinder and Amazon Alexa. Not to belittle the others, but these three have had the most stable rankings the whole month. This shows, that their users are not just trying it out, but rather that they have already gained a very stable user base, which they can rely on. However, as this analysis shows, there are constantly new apps which try to challenge the old ones, and thus these “kings and queens” of this category need to stay updated and keep on track. 

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