TikTok Ad Campaign, Step by Step Guide

Note: If you’re running a concept test in TikTok, select English (Pre-Registration) as the look-alike page language in CampaignBuilder.

Setting up TikTok Ad Campaign for Geeklab a/b test:

1. Log into your Ad Manager and click on Create

Campaign Level

2. Select conversion as the campaign objective. Link the TikTok pixel to utilize the Conversion objective in your Ad campaign. You can find instructions on how to do it here.

3. Complete campaign level setup by naming your campaign and, if preferred, limiting your campaign budget to a daily or lifetime value.

After you have filled the necessary information in the boxes you can click continue.

Ad Group Level

4. Start by giving your Ad group a name.

Because we are directing users to a webpage, select Website as the promotion type.

If you’ve already created the pixel, you can access it from the menu. If not, use this guide to make a new one. Remember to set the optimization event to Click Button.

5. Define the placement for your ad. Choose Select Placement and unbox all expect TikTok.

6. Choose your target audience. Target your audience based on their location, gender, age, and language.

You can also narrow your audience by selecting interests and behaviors.

Remember to specify the operating system. Use the same operating system as your look-alike pages. You can also limit the OS version so that only people with certain OS versions and above will see the ad.

We recommend iOS 11 and higher, and Android 10 and higher.

Note that you can also use the OS versions that your game supports.

7. Set the budget for this ad set.

Note: if you are using one ad for all the variations, this will be the budget for the whole ad campaign. If you’re using specific ads for each variations this budget will be for one variation.

Make sure the optimization goal is set to Conversion and Lowest cost as the Bid Strategy. It will use the available ad group budget to generate as many results as possible at the lowest cost per result.

Once you are ready advance by clicking continue

8. Start by naming your ad.

Set you custom identity. This will be visible as your account name in the ad. You can choose an existing one from the menu or create a new one.

9. Select your ad media and enter the promo text for your ad.

10. For the Destination page you have two options:

You can use campaign tracking link which will randomly direct the users to one of the variations within that campaign.


You can use variation tracking links which will direct the user to the specific variation.

Select Website and enter the tracking link that suits your need.

For Call to Action select standard and from the menu find Download.

After choosing the call to action you are ready with setting up your ad campaign.

If you’re using campaign tracking link and one ad to direct the users to the look-alike pages you are now ready to run the ad campaign.

If you have specific ads for specific variations, you need to continue adding more ad groups.

Adding more Ad Groups

11. When you return to the Ad Manager view, go to Ad Groups and select Copy under the ad group you just created.

12. You can only copy one ad group to edit it individually. Link the Ad Group copy to an existing campaign and select the campaign you just created from the menu.

To continue, click Duplicate.

13. The ad group level will open immediately. Because all of the data has been copied from the recent ad group, you only need to change the Ad Group name before proceeding.

14. When you reach the Ad level, repeat steps 8-10 of this guide to create a new ad.

Remember to change the tracing link as the website URL to be different from the previous ad.

Use these steps to create as many Ad Groups as you need.

Once you’ve completed the Ad Groups, you can begin driving traffic to your look-alike page.

If you need help setting up the TikTok ad Campaign, please contact Geeklab’s live support or send an email.

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