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Have you ever wondered what goes through your visitors’ minds when they visit your store pages? One good way to obtain that information is through surveys.

We did recently a facelift for the SurveyLab.

Let’s have a look at the newly designed Survey Builder.

Now, once you’ve navigated to Survey Builder, you have the option of using our template, which includes 8 questions to help you better understand your audience. You can also start from scratch and come up with your own questions. Regardless of which option you select, it will launch the campaign builder.

View when you click on Surveylab->surveybuilder

Now that we’ve landed at the Survey builder, let’s take a look at the first module, General

The General module allows you to choose the name of the survey as well as the text that users will see on the first and last pages. So, to get started, you can use the content that is already in the fields, or you can write your own welcoming and thank you messages for the users. 

Let’s take a closer look at the inputs.

Survey Title indicates the name of the survey that will be visible in the Your Surveys list. So, give it a name so that your team knows what the survey contains and so that it’s easy to return to it later.

Intro Header and Body, lets you write a welcoming message for users that land on the survey. All the changes you make here will update on the preview device. 

In the image below, you can see how the header and body is displayed in the preview device. 

Outro Header and Body is the same as the intro but it will be visible for the users at the end of the survey. Remember to thank the users for participating in the survey. 

From Exit URL you can redirect your users to another page, for example your facebook page or company website. This is optional, so you don’t have to redirect them to another page. 

You can use Privacy Settings to narrow down where the target users came from. For example, if you are running an A/B test on Geeklab and want to ensure that only responses from users who came through the different variants are saved, you can specify the URL. The URL in this case would be the domain, ‘http://geeklab.app’.

General tab in Surveybuilder

The next module is Style

This module allows you to customize the survey’s graphics. You can modify the font, as well as the text and primary color (button and lines).

Following the logic of the previous module, changes in this module will be reflected on the preview device. If we take a closer look at the settings, we can see that you may modify the primary and text colors. Then, from the drop-down menu, select the font of your choice. If you want to use a single color as the background, adjust the BG color to your liking.

Style module in Surveylab

If you want to use a picture as the backdrop, simply drag it into the ‘Choose your Background Art’ box. A little magic cane icon can be found next to BG Art. As shown below, this will automatically modify the background transparency and text color to match the background photo. 

You can also change the inputs manually to make these modifications.

When you press the magic can icon, it will adjust the transparency of the background image and change font color

 Once We are ready with editing the visual outlook of the survey we can go ahead and add all the questions we want to ask from our audience.


All questions include a Question Title, which is the title of the question that the user sees. You also have another box below the Question Title that allows you to further clarify the question. For the user, the text entered here will appear in a smaller font beneath the question title.. Lastly, you can click Required button which will make answering the question mandatory before continuing with the survey.

You have the option to choose from this questions types:

  • Short Question: The user will have a small input box where they can type in the answer. You can also add image to the question.
  • Pick One: Lets you add multiple answer option to the questions where the user can choose from. They can pick only one answer.
  • Multichoice: Same as Pick One but lets the user to pick multiple answer options.
  • Long Question: Open end questions with larger box where the user can type in their answer.
  • Range: Range scale questions let respondents rate an answer option on scale by dragging a slider. You can include text on either left or right side or both.

Question module in Surveylab

You can delete questions by clicking on the red garbage bin, and you can rearrange them by dragging and dropping them from the red arrow indicator. 

We can now submit the survey once all of the questions have been added. When we submit the survey, we will be given the Tracking link.

Note: If you plan to use the survey as the final destination of your A/B test, you don’t need the tracking link because you can select the survey from the ATTR. module’s dropdown, which will automatically add the final destination. (It will not be the complete URL, but simply the slug following geeklab.app)

If you have any questions about the survey lab, let us know via live chat or email.

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