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Product update: January

Our devs have been working hard and while there is something bigger lurking just around the corner, we have a product update in the meanwhile 👏 This update is heavily focused on data and how it is presented, so here, without further ado:

Data filtering

Filtering variations just got even better. Now the filtering affects both the Frequentist model and Bayesian model, as well as the visible variants. The filter tab lets you pick which variants you want to inspect and the selection correlates with the statistics and probabilities tabs.

Data exporting

This update introduces a more streamlined and easy way to export your campaign data. Additionally, you are able to export more datapoints than before. Woohoo! This is a great feature that makes sharing and analyzing your data easier. You can choose to download only certain data sets or to download them all in .csv format.

We are continuously making Geeklab even more badass. Our goal is to always act upon the feedback we get whenever possible. Stay tuned for the next product update! We also happily answer any questions or comments about our platform, so let’s talk.


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