Mobile Apps: What are the next industries to benefit by shifting their operations to apps?

Everyday, we are taking more and more steps towards mobility in our lives- working from home, shopping from home, working out at home. Although most people still have the same basic needs, how they gain access to those needs is shifting.

As one starts to evaluate our basic necessities and how people are going to be given access to those necessities, the ever-increasing presence of mobile apps is one of the biggest factors.

According to Statista 2020 , mobile app downloading worldwide went from 140 billion in 2016, to 192 billion in 2018 to 204 billion in 2019.

And this significant growth was pre-pandemic, where we now have millions upon millions of people, staying home and downloading more apps than ever as they try to workout, live, shop, and find entertainment. Before any knowledge of the pandemic, it was predicted that mobile app downloads for 2020 would hit $188.9 billion in revenue . In light of the likelihood of increased phone usage from stay-at-home orders, it’s equally likely that this number could be even higher.

In connection with the already trending shift toward mobile app use, certain industries should be prepared to jump on this train to join in with movement towards apps. It provides the specified convenience of one location for all the needed information, can be far more user friendly than a traditional webpage, and has the potential to see increased traffic as users are shifting toward more mobile device browsing than desktop browsing.

In light of this shifting social dynamic, certain industries have the potential for greater benefit by moving to apps for their primary operations:

Health and Medicine Industries

Telemedicine has been quickly increasing in use over the past few months as patients are trying to find ways to seek medical advice without putting themselves or their doctors at risk. Telemedicine has huge projections for growth in the coming years, with over half of medical facilities in the US already starting to implement some form of telemedicine practices. Doctors and medical practitioners are given the ability to confer and assess patients through video conferencing and online forms to provide a diagnosis or treatment plan, without the process and time and risks that come with meeting in person. It allows doctors to get through more patients, without waiting times, and allows patients the opportunity to avoid waiting rooms.

Educational, Informational, and Training Industries

The public education system has been undergoing massive changes, and universities are now producing more online classes than ever. Programs designed to engage, increase instruction, and maximize productivity and learning are in demand. Similarly, companies and programs that provide professional development or industry-specific training are looking to utilize online platforms to increase reach with customers and potential customers. Team building exercises and company bonding providers will also be looking for ways to expand their delivery in an increasingly digital workplace.

Fitness and Health Training

Health and fitness industries are looking for ways to include a wider variety of schedules with customers. Not everyone can workout at specific class times, or access to crowded classes (pre-pandemic) would limit availability to some patrons. With apps, there comes the freeness of the scheduling and constant availability provided to members looking to participate in certain workouts. The real trend here, though, is in focusing on specific and personalized instruction to clients based on need, want, and fitness level. Additionally, with the technology expansion of apps and what they can do for individual customers, focusing on a one-size-fits-most with workouts or health plans feels impersonal and disingenuous to customers. Finding ways to personalize the experience and allow customers to focus on their own specific wants and needs is the key here.

Regardless of the industry, the importance of shifting towards mobile app availability for 2021 is a crucial step in maintaining your brand or company’s relevancy for the coming years.

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