The Similarities of Platforms: New Features

TikTok is testing the Stories feature

TikTok is experimenting with 24-hour ephemeral “Stories”, which originates from Snapchat and has thus spread onto platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and YouTube. According to VarietyVariety, the widely imitated 15 to 180 second-video app has begun testing a feature called TikTok Stories in a few countries outside of the United States. However, there is no assurance that this will become a permanent addition to the site yet. These TikTok Stories would appear to be similar to other platform’s Stories in functionality. Stories will be accessible through a newly created slide-over sidebar, where users will be able to watch stories posted by accounts they follow for 24 hours before they are immediately removed. Users will also be able to react to and comment on other people’s stories by tapping on the profile image of a user, as it is in other platforms as well. It was only a matter of time before this feature was added to this hugely successful platform since Stories are an easy method to allow users to connect with one other on the platform and provide a fresh location for advertisements.

Instagram is adding an Audio Tab to its Search Options for Reels engagement boosting

There is a new feature on Instagram for users to explicitly search for audio via the app’s search tab, making it simpler to tap on trends based on music clips, with an emphasis on Reels creation based on the same. You’ll be able to switch to a new Audio tab while searching on Instagram, which will showcase the numerous songs available for usage within the app. By tapping on any track you will be able to view a TikTok-style display of Reels that have used that song’s samples. It makes sense for Instagram to match with current trends and promote relevant features as best it can, as it looks to increase Reels usage in an effort to fight off increasing competition from TikTok.

YouTube and its major marketing effort to get Gen Z on Shorts

According to data sent to Marketing Dive, YouTube is pushing its short-form video product YouTube Shorts with a worldwide advertising campaign targeted at Gen Z consumers and producers. It’s one of the largest brand marketing programs ever run on the Google-owned site. With a separate location that displays Shorts films in the main YouTube app, ads highlight the simplicity of posting to the site through mobile. YouTube is attempting to distinguish Shorts from other similar platforms by forming collaborations with musicians and play certain background music in their ads. Shorts has faced tough competition from other platforms than only TikTok, and thus as social media companies strive to develop trust with a cautious audience and generate interest in new technology, consumer-facing marketing has become a more significant approach.


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