Merge Cube – Finding out the hype

Comparison to the game 2048

This game quickly brought up a memory, and it didn’t take long for me to recall a game named 2048. This game was released in 2014, whereas Merge Cube was launched this year. Because 2048 is a game I spent a lot of time with, I wanted to compare the two and see how Merge Cube draws people in.

The visuals

The apparent differences in colouration and overall arrangement may be seen immediately away. Merge Cube is dominated by blue, purple, and deeper colours, whereas 2048 is dominated by yellow and lighter colours. Merge Cube is a 3D game that is more relevant to current trends and brings the game to life, whereas 2048 is more straightforward. Merge Cube’s overall colourful appearance and more unique icon entice consumers to download it.

Similar idea

The basic concept is the same: link the same numbers again and over to get to the greatest possible number. While playing Merge Cube, you get money, but in 2048, you collect points. So the basic concept with these two is very straightforward.

The differences

The difference lies in the game’s functionality: in Merge Cube, you aim and fire, but in 2048, you slide your finger in various directions to join numbers. Also, the 2D/3D layout is probably the most noticeable difference right away. In Merge Cube, you must use in-game gravity to your advantage, since the cubes move and fly about dependent on gravity, making the game more difficult. The space for cubes, on the other hand, is significantly larger, allowing you to achieve a far greater number than in 2048. Your ultimate objective in the game 2048 is 2048; however, you may go higher if you like, but it becomes much more difficult due to the lack of space. In 2048 you lose the moment your empty squares run out, whereas in Merge Cube you have to avoid getting close or going over the yellow border. 

The gaming experience

After playing these two, the first word that springs to mind is addictive. These games do not have any in-game lives that may run out, allowing you to play for as long as you like. The functionality of sliding your finger in 2048, which is a basic chore and action, makes the game simple and therefore addictive. I’ve also discovered that there are several techniques in the game that I’ve found beneficial, such as collecting your largest number to the bottom right corner. However, I had to award the prize to Merge Cube, no matter how much I like this older classic. The newbie is more enjoyable and engaging with a more colourful layout and in-game gravity. If I said I hadn’t been playing this one every hour of the day after downloading it, I’d be lying.

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