Google Ads update: Auto-generated Interactive Ads

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Google Ads advertisers have recently received news about a new feature and an expansion to include content from websites and deep links in addition to store page content for app promotion campaigns. These features will have some effect on app campaigns on running ads and here’s the update.

More interactive Google Ads

The new feature will showcase app assets in automatically generated interactive formats. Ad assets are derived from any content on the store product page in addition to any original content provided.

This affects the way Google counts engagements and conversions on these interactive ads. A click or an interaction is an ‘engagement’. Furthermore, if the user then installs the app within 30 days of an ‘engagement’, it will count as a conversion.

More content sources

The upcoming expansion of leveraging web page data will also include data from all deep links and websites linked on the store page. This is succession to the previously rolled out feature of including content from web pages.

According to Google, the changes will help mobile app ads find relevant users better by:

“Understanding the content and services that your app offers, App campaigns can automatically help you reach more of the right people, generate and deliver more relevant ads and improve users’ experiences after they engage with your ads.”

Google Ads 10/2022

According to Google’s email to app promotion campaign runners, Google is set to roll out the features at the beginning of November 2022. The expansion to web page data will start already from 30th of October 2022. However, they have yet to publish an update post in the announcements section of Google Ads help center.

Running Geeklab’s a/b test campaigns is also possible on Google ads. We wrote about different ad networks a while back, you can take a look at it here. Despite its ability to high performance and being able to deliver good results with clients who have tested using it, it is still quite underused as an ad network. Maybe it is worth a try with the new auto-generated interactive ads rolling out?

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