How to get started with Geeklab

Follow our guide on how to get started with Geeklab for your first campaign.

1. Create a look-alike page

Geeklab provides a/b testing capabilities with look-alike store pages. These store pages are web-based pages that look and act like the most popular store pages, such as the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery.

You can run countless of different tests on the store pages, anything from concept testing to optimizing the screenshots or icons of an existing games’ store pages.

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2. Run ad campaing

Once the look-alike store pages have been established, an ad campaign can be launched on any traffic source that accepts web links as a link destination. The ad campaign can be paused whenever the look-alike pages have received enough data (page views and installs) per variation. Geeklab will notify you once the significance has been reached.

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3. Analyze

Once the winning variation has been found, the results can be analyzed. With the findings, you can determine which variations performed the best, as well as whether any elements of other variations performed well and could possibly be used in the winning variation.

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Now you know the basics how to get started with Geeklab, but we are happy to help you with anything, just send us a message or contact us here 📧


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