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Do you wish your store page would convert more users into installs, or are you still in the concept validation phase and are not sure which art style resonates the best with your audience? Or are you just not achieving the results with your A/B tests that you were anticipating? Crew member & account manager to the rescue!

These are some common thoughts that we have gathered from customers during our meetings. However, there is usually one underlying issue that keeps them from solving these problems, resources.

Hiring an ASO expert or training one of your employees to run A/B tests without any help can be time-consuming and expensive. However, as the competition among apps and games in app stores continues to grow, the importance of optimizing store pages for your audience becomes even more critical.

Because A/B testing is an excellent tool for achieving the goals, Geeklab has developed ways to help with the resource challenge.

And, because a/b testing is an excellent tool for achieving the goals, Geeklab has developed ways to help with the resource challenge.

Crew member

The Crew member eliminates the stress of having to hire a new employee. With the Crew member plans, one of the industry experts will plan and execute an A/B test for you. In addition to getting an expert in the field to work on your project, you can benefit from their expertise for future testing as well. Your team will become familiar with A/B testing while working with the crew member, and once the crew member plan ends, they will be able to plan and conduct A/B tests on their own.

What could a project with a Crew member look like once we’ve gotten to know your game:

Analysis phase
  • First, we will do a Market research focusing on competitors and trends using our first party data.
Hypothesis Phase
  • Our Hypothesis for testing will be based on the previous mentioned analysis and shared with you for approval.
  • If needed, we can create the visuals for testing with our creative partner studio, otherwise we will provide a Visual Brief for your own artist
Campaign Phase
  • Once the visuals are complete, we launch the campaign and review the results together. Normally the campaigns will be running for ~ 10 days.
Results Phase
  • After reviewing the results together we will provide you with next step suggestions, whether it’s worth running more tests on the same or different area or if it’s enough to conclude the best store page.

Account Manager

You can add an Account Manager for any subscription plans on Geeklab. Each month, you and your account manager will have 4x 60-minute meetings where you can ask our customer success managers any questions you have. They will assist you in setting up your campaigns as well as providing best practices for achieving the best possible results. Meetings with the account manager can also be used to discuss the results of your A/B tests as well as plan what will happen next.

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