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A/B testing for crypto games

More and more game developers intend to incorporate blockchain technology and
crypto currencies into their games. They recognize the value of player-owned assets and
peer-to-peer trading, to name a few examples. But how well is the audience understood?
Let’s get into the advantages that A/B testing can offer for crypto games.

Concept validation of crypto games

When looking at the Web3 games that are currently being developed, the goal of
providing a high-quality gaming experience frequently stands out. Many aim to provide
long-term value through fun and captivating gameplay. Many choices, such as game
features, theme, and art, have an impact as well.

Testing these factors on the market provides useful insights during game development
and supports in decision-making regarding choices that affect game performance.

Improve paid growth of crypto games with a/b testing

The goal of running tests on a game that is already on the market is to learn what
motivates users to install or begin playing the game. The game’s various dimensions
provide numerous opportunities to communicate the value proposition.

Some game developers desire to introduce crypto gaming to traditional gamers or the
early mainstream audience. Testing will help in understanding which key selling points
are most appealing to your target audience. This assists you to optimize your marketing
and reduce user acquisition costs.

The insights

Testing is possible regardless of the platform on which your crypto game is available or
will be released. If the game can be played in a browser or on a PC or Mac, online landing
pages are the best testing option. Lookalike store pages, on the other hand, are available
for testing if the game is available on App Store, Google Play, or Huawei AppGallery.

Through A/B testing on Geeklab, you will discover what converts your efforts more likely
into installs. Following the test, you will have a better understanding of user behavior,
engagement, and demographics. Furthermore, if a survey is included, you will receive
qualitative insights while also being able to build your community.

Geeklab provides platform subscriptions for independent testing. If you wish to have
external resources, Geeklab’s agency professionals are available for the whole process,
from market research to result analysis.

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