3 production phases to run ASO in 2020!

Posted on Apr 17th 2020 by Jani Torppa

App Store Optimization is crucial, but often we wait until the product is live until we start testing and learning. Luckily in 2020 we have other options.

With third-party tools you can create store pages, that look like the real app store pages and record all the user behavior, so that you can start testing even before the app is published.


The biggest fear of every developer is to pour your heart and money into a product just to find out that the marketability of the product doesn't allow you to scale. To make sure you don't make the wrong decisions and spend your precious time with the wrong things, you can validate the marketability already in the concept phase.

With services like Geeklab, you can create look-alike app store pages that will allow you to optimize your Facebook traffic towards conversions, giving you a better view of where you stand in terms of marketability.

Running creative split tests on Facebook within your target audience and then driving users to look-alike store pages will give you a holistic view of how your target audience behaves with your concept on top of the funnel. You can top that off by adding a qualitative survey, where the user will be redirected after they click the spoof install button.

Data-driven decision making.

You've proven that there's room for your game within your target audience. Like all of us, you still have multiple questions and A/B tests in your mind. What if the marketability is even better if we swap our humanized raccoon protagonist to a medieval knight?

By running holistic A/B tests you can also get an answer to these questions without hurting your production timeline or having to do any adjustments to your actual app.

By running a creative split test on Facebook directing the traffic to unique app store pages for each variant you can get the difference in fCVR for all variants before redirecting users to download the real app.

Performance optimization.

Once you've ticked all the boxes and finally launch your app globally, the performance optimization starts. If you do paid marketing, it is crucial to run App Store Optimisation on a regular basis, to keep up with the trends and your messaging on paid marketing channels.

If you don't run any paid marketing but rely on organic traffic instead, it is extremely important to invest a bit to ASO from time to time to make sure you have the best converting icons and screenshots to maximize the number of installs you can get.

With one test that was done with Geeklab, an icon was found that performed 20% better than the original control icon. When you run these optimizations on a regular basis you can make sure that you maximize the number of users you can get to your app.

Optimize away!

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